The Diary of Photography #1

I’ve always loved it when bloggers do a little series where they talk about something or have a discussion about topics they’re passionate about. Nothing makes me happier than seeing bloggers actually use their platform to share their own opinions!

That’s why I’ve decided to start up a series called ‘The Diary of Photography’ where I talk and document the photography I’ve taken from the past week or so. I think i’ll end up making this little series a fortnightly thing, maybe every 3 weeks if I haven’t taken many photos since the last post. It’s a chance for me to share all the photography I’ve produced because a lot of my work goes unshared and I want somewhere to be able to post it. I do have a photography instagram (click here) where I share a select few photos from a photoshoot or a day out. I take so many photos that I don’t want to spam my feed full of 50 photos from one day out, so I riddle it down to 3!

Over the summer I’ve been to a few different places and taken some really cool photos but since my laptop broke, I had no way of getting the photos off the SD card and onto a laptop! But now I’ve got my new Macbook I’m able to start sharing my photos and getting back to normality.

When looking through my pictures I have so many! It’s kind of ridiculous how many pictures I actually take and it’s such a nightmare going through and sorting them all out. But none the less I managed to pick out a few favourites from the summer.


This first one was taken from my bedroom window one evening. It was around 6pm and it was getting really dark and the whole room was turning a strange yellow colour (was seriously crazy) and this is what came out on the camera. The exposure is quite low so that it’s slightly more darker and defining that it actually was but with the naked eye, the sky still look crazy.


Near the end of August I went to Blackpool for the first time with my family! Surprisingly, I didn’t take that many photos. This was my favourite one and it captures the tower which is iconic to Blackpool.


The next 3 are some that I took in my garden over the summer. The first one is of some blackberries that my Mum grows and I played about with my 50mm lens a little more to get the shallow depth of field.  The second is a cute little flower that was just on it’s own in the garden and I thought it looked quite pretty, again I played about with the 50mm lens. The last one is a sunflower i’ve grown in the garden which is extremely tall! I struggled to take this picture without the neighbours thinking I was trying to take pictures of their garden.

The last 2 photos are probably 2 of my favourite photos i’ve ever taken. The clouds looked incredible and the rainbow was strong that I couldn’t miss out on this photo op so I went out into the garden in my socks, stood on a soaking wet chair and snapped away whilst my dad held the chair in place so it didn’t fall!

I hope that you enjoyed looking at my photography as much as I enjoyed sharing it! I’m really excited to really start off this little series.



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