The diary of Photography #3

Welcome back to another diary of photography instalment! I’ve been so busy lately that I haven’t found time to take a day out for photography but when bonfire night came up how could I not pass up the opportunity for pretty photos?

Sadly I was at work the weekend (I work nightshifts and my normal routine is all messed up) so I wasn’t able to make it any bonfires which really upset me so on bonfire night my dad bought some sparklers and I took them into the garden for a little photography session. I’ve not really worked with long exposure photography before so experimenting with it was really fun.

To get the technical stuff out of the way I used an ISO of 100, aperture around f/8 and then for the shutter speed it was around 4″ to 1.2″. I also used a tripod for most of them so that there wasn’t any unnecessary shake on the camera.

My favourite photo has to be this one of my name! Out of the 20 I took, this was the most legible! I set the shutter speed quite slow so that I had time to write out my name but I think I ended up writing it too big, I probably needed to use smaller movements. Nonetheless, I’m happy with how it turned out, it’s in focus and pretty much readable.Β IMG_3030

It was surprising cold outside and I was wrapped up in my dress gown and coat but silly enough didn’t have gloves!! If i’d have had gloves I would’ve stayed out longer and got more cool shots but after writing my name I just got some pretty basic, aesthetic shots of the sparklers. On the next few the shutter speed was a little faster. Enjoy!




IMG_3041I really enjoyed playing around with the long exposure and it’s definitely something I’m going to continue experimenting! I hope that you enjoyed looking at the few photos I took.


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