Sophdoesnails x Revolution Palette!

Everyone’s seen the Revolution range that Sophdoesnails has brought out right? Well if you haven’t, in todays blog post I’m going to be showing you guys and giving my honest thoughts on it.

Ever since the eyeshadow and highlighter palettes got released i’ve been wanting to get my hands on them for so long but they never sold them at any of the Superdrugs I went to. When they did have them they only had the highlighter palette and since I own too many highlighters, I only wanted the eyeshadow palette. Luckily, the Superdrug I normally got to recently got a whole section of the store dedicated to Revolution!! (Fun fact, Sophdoesnails was actually at the Superdrug for the opening of the Revolution part and I was at the Superdrug when it happened but I didn’t meet her, I regret everything)

£10 for an eyeshadow palette is amazing, normal Revolution ones are around £8. Although they’re great for the price, I find that the pigmentation isn’t so good when you start using a brush to apply it to your eyes. This made me a little skeptical to try the palette since it’s by Revolution. But damn I was shocked. The pigmentation is amazing and transfers just as well onto your eyes when you use a brush. There’s hardly any fallout and all of the colours are gorgeous. The shimmery shades aren’t as pigmented as the matte ones, but that’s not an issue at all. The colours are so autumnal and you can create so many different looks. I really am in love!

There’s 24 shades and they’re all so different. Most palettes focus on either bright colours or just nude shades but I love the range that this palette has. I’ve been wanting to branch out from my very safe Naked palette and this is definitely worth the price if you just want to try out different looks.


The names are cool and creative too, I really find it fascinating that every single colour of eyeshadow in the world has individual names! My favourite in this palette is Mixed berries, Pink champagne and Festive Flame!IMG_3128

I really hope Sophie brings out more ranges with Revolution and I hope I end up trying the highlight palette soon!

Thank you so much for reading, do you own this palette? Let me know your thoughts!


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