Gift guide 2017!

Searching and thinking of gift ideas at Christmas can be really hard, especially if you haven’t been given a specific list of what that person wants- whether it’s your Mom, best friend, Boyfriend or Auntie. When UncommonGoods got in contact with me to do a gift guide blog post, I was very happy to do it!

Screen Shot 2017-12-09 at 18.16.46.png

UncommonGoods is an American catalogue & online retailer selling a whole range of different gifts for any occasion, check out a few unique Christmas gift ideas for teenagers. They ship to the rest of the world and they make sure they don’t sell any products that contain fur, leather or any kind of materials that harm people or animals. They’re also eco-friendly and want to help make this world more sustainable by “printing our catalogs on either recycled paper (virtually all of which is from 30% post-consumer waste) or paper sourced from FSC certified forests (which are harvested in a sustainable manner)”

I always find that when buying gifts for your friends it can be quite difficult to know exactly what they want because you don’t get a Christmas list off them, so for one of my friends I picked out this really cool tequila shot glass set made out of Himalayan salt.

glassesglassesssYou can get these as just the shot glasses alone, or with the serving tray which is the option I picked- costing £33.44. These are such a cute idea for your friends if they host parties or if you think they’ll appreciate the cute design. See more gifts for your friends 

If your Mom is the same as mine, every single year she will complain she doesn’t know what to have for Christmas and then complains when she gets slippers every year. But with UncommonGoods they have sections for the recipient and occasions. Although i’ve already bought all my Christmas gifts for my Mom, my Dad didn’t have a clue so I looked on the website to find a gift that I could get for him to give to her. I found this really cool gift, it’s a tea leaf reading set!

teeaIMG_3282My Mom is someone who’s into believing stuff she sees in the tea leaf reading and it’s also a lot of fun. For £17.04 you get a mug, tea leaves, instructions and a little dictionary of the symbols you might see in the cup. This definitely isn’t something you’d find on the high street and it’s really unique.

Do you need Christmas stocking gift ideas? UncommonGoods have it all and they’re definitely worth checking out this Christmas (and for occasions such as anniversaries or birthdays) with their affordable, uncommon gifts!

Thank you for reading and I hope that you enjoyed this little gift guide.


*Items featured in this blog post were gifted from UncommonGoods, however all reviews are my own and are in no way biased*


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  1. These are all amazing gift guides ,I’m so happy to stumble on your blog ,definitely following for more,if you had time maybe you could check out mine as well

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