Christmas Party essentials!

Christmas parties aren’t really something that i’m familiar with. No one in my family, or many of my friends host parties at Christmas and i’ve always wanted to go to one. But luckily, this year my Mom’s work are having a Christmas Party and I of course am going to go all out, extra for this. So that’s why in todays post I thought i’d talk you through some of my essentials (in terms of makeup) to get ready for a Christmas party!

First and foremost, it has to be highlight. I feel as though Christmas is the perfect time to go overboard on the highlight and shine like a Christmas star. My pick for this season is a new makeup product of mine, it’s the BarryM liquid chrome highlighter drops in the shade Precious Pearl. It has pink undertones to it and it’s so amazing. You need the smallest amount and you get so much pigmentation. It’s around ยฃ7 from places like Asos, Superdrug & Boots. Use the dropper application to put a few drops to your face and then you can blend it out with your finger.


Another essential is glitter. I feel as though having a sparkly eye is such a good look, especially paired with your shiny highlight. I’ve got this BarryM Glitter rush body glitter in the shade Moonstone and the BarryM fine glitter dust in the shade pink no.7. It does say that these aren’t suitable for use on your eyes but i’ve tried both and haven’t really had an issues! You can get eye specific glitter though.


The final thing that has to stand out is the lipstick. You could either opt for a metallic, shiny lipstick to match with the whole theme of the glitter and shinyness or go a bit subtle with a darker toned, non-metallic lipstick. For the metallic one, I love the NYX cosmic metals in the shade CMLC18 or for one not so shiny, this No7 sheer temptation in the shade Lovely 40 (old packaging) which is a berry toned lipstick. They’d both work really well.


I hope this was a nice, little guide for those of you going to Christmas parties this year and remember to enjoy yourself. Thank you for reading!


31 thoughts on “Christmas Party essentials!

  1. Highlighter is sooo important I feel if Iโ€™m doing a glam holiday look! Also those liquid highlighter drops look amazing! Iโ€™ve never tried metallic lips so I really want to try that out! Awesome post! ๐Ÿ’•

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  2. I have wanted to try metallic lips for ages and this is the perfect time for it. Highlight is always my go to especially at this time of year. I must say gold glitter and a red lip is what I go to most around the festive period. Enjoy your party!โœจ

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