Christmas would you rather?

Happy holidays! I’m back with another tag, tagged by the lovely Emily, her post is linked here! I won’t lie, i’m doing a tag because I physically have no time between now and Christmas to take photos for a blog post, so I hope you don’t mind. The way this works is that I answer the questions that were given to me by Emily and then at the end of the post, I write a few questions for you to answer!

1.) Christmas or Halloween? Christmas! There’s more of a buildup and i feel as though Christmas is more so for family.

2.) Quality street or Celebrations? I like the Strawberry dreams in Quality streets but I like more in Celebrations.

3.) Brussel sprouts or Parsnips? I hate sprouts and parsnips aren’t my favourite so i guess I’d pick parsnips.

4.) Christmas Songs or Christmas films? Songs! I love to just listen to Christmas songs as and when I want but with films you have to make time to sit down and watch.

5.) Friends with Frosty the snowman or Rudolph the Reindeer? Rudolph because I think reindeers are so, so cute.

I tag anyone who wants to take part in this! So, your questions are:

  1. Original Christmas songs or remakes?
  2. Give or receive presents?
  3. Boxing day sale or January sales?
  4. Artificial Christmas tree or real Christmas tree?
  5. Open some presents on Christmas eve or all on Christmas day?


Thank you for reading!






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