2018 goals? | Collab with BethxKate

I don’t like to set myself new year resolutions because most of the time they’re too drastic to keep up with or just set for the sake of it. Instead of resolutions, this year i’ve decided to set myself a few little goals which I know will be achievable. This post is a collab with the lovely Beth, check out her blog & her 2018 goals by clicking here! She’s such a lovely girl, her blog is amazing and her photography is gorgeous.

Be more organised in terms of blogging:IMG_3519.JPGIn 2017 my blog posts weren’t planned ahead, I didn’t write down ideas and they were all pretty much spontaneous. Although I tried to stick to a schedule which was every Wednesday, I still missed uploaded and posted on different days. I got this lovely notebook for Christmas and decided to use it for blogging. I’m going to start planning posts more, writing down ideas I want to do and trying to stick to my Wednesday upload schedule!

Improve my photographybright.jpgIt’s normal to want to improve in life and for me, 2018 is the year I really want to improve my photography- especially for my blog. I want to have amazing flat-lays and aesthetically pleasing photos and the only way I’m going to be able to achieve this is by practising. I’m going to start incorporating props into my photos more and just take more time with setting up the photos.

Gain more followers IMG_3513.JPGWhen I started my blog back at the end of August I didn’t expect the amount of followers in the short space of time. Obviously I’m extremely thankful for 300 followers and i’m extremely happy and shocked but I want to keep improving. It’s hard to state an exact follower goal by the end of 2018 but I feel as though an achievable amount, based on how quick my following has increased in 2017, would be 1,000 followers.

Connect with more bloggersIMG_2976.JPGI love reading other peoples blogs, a lot! My favourite thing to do is get cosy and go through my WordPress reader and participate in Twitter blogger chats. In 2018 I want to do that more, follow more blogs and just talk to bloggers more- there’s nothing better than sitting with a cup of tea and swapping comments on each others blogs!

What kind of goals or resolutions have you set yourself for 2018? I’d love to know. Once again, don’t forget to check out Beth’s post. Thanks for reading



43 thoughts on “2018 goals? | Collab with BethxKate

  1. These are great goals Ellie! We love connecting with bloggers and we are working to build a community for bloggers on our site. Congrats on your fast following! 1000 followers by the end of the year is a great goal!

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  2. I haven’t set myself any goals nor resolutions but I guess growing my social, blog and instagram. Your goals are great and I should take example! xx corinne

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  3. These are a such a good set of goals! I actually have some similar! I also want to be more organised with posting and connect with more bloggers online! Good luck with accomplishing them this year! I’m sure you can do it! 🙂

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  4. Great goals, 1-3 were on my list too, but I definitely need to get more active in the blogger chats too- I’m on Twitter a fair bit but I end up interacting with the same people and I need to grow my following!


  5. I have some similar blogging goals, make more friends, engage more etc. I also found it really hard to sit down and make some goals regarding views and followers. Mine has grown quicker than I expected too so whenever I set a goal that seems big I end up selling myself short. Can’t wait to see what the year brings! x


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