Supporting small businesses!

Supporting people is so important, especially small businesses. At the end of the day they’re just trying to make a living through making things in the hope that people like them enough to buy them. My favourite place to find small businesses and cute unique items is on Etsy. Most sellers on there are just small businesses trying to make a living and I thought I’d help these people out and buy some products to support them as well as showing you guys what I got.

I ended up buying from 3 sellers on Etsy, one being an amazing blogger called Jemma who creates beautiful prints which are so creative and unique as well as cards and stickers. If you click here it’ll link you to her shop on Etsy. The 2 things I got, £1.80 each + £1 postage, were these light pink pencils with the quotes ‘bitchin’ and ‘chasing dreams’ written in a gold colour. I thought that these would look really cute in the background of photos and I did actually need some new pencils, although they’re just pencils, they’re lovely. I’ve also bought some prints from Dorkfaceshop before and they make my room look homely and cute- oh and i got a little pug sticker with my order!IMG_3642

My favourite item from this little haul is from a seller name KawaiiKave. She sells a lot of alternative type products like retro pins and alien earrings! For £4 and about £1 postage, I got this gorgeous, retro style Barbie necklace. It was available in different colours but I got the hot pink on black background. Barbie seems to be such a popular fashion statement lately and I am in love with this necklace. The quality of the necklace is a lot higher than you’d expect for £4!IMG_3658

The final thing I got, from KatieAbbeyDesigns. You can find her shop here, along with loads of other cute little things like cards and mugs! For just £2 and £1 shipping I got this yellow badge with a hippo of positivity on. I think designs like this are SO cute and you can literally never have too many badges.


other cute little things like cards and mugs! For just £2 and £1 shipping I got this yellow badge with a hippo of positivity on. I think designs like this are SO cute and you can literally never have too many badges.

Everything came nicely packaged and arrived quickly, I was so happy with my orders. It goes to show that you don’t have to go to known brands for products, it doesn’t hurt to look elsewhere for more unique finds.

Thank you so much for reading, have you ever ordered anything of these sellers? I would love to know!

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49 thoughts on “Supporting small businesses!

  1. I live in Bath so there’s are lots of small businesses and completely agree that we should support as many as possible, you got the cutest stuff! X

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  2. This really got me thinking, I love Esty and I have ordered a phone case off there which I love but I should definitely shop on there more. I think it is great to support normal people just trying to provide for themselves through what they love. And, the stuff on there is great for quirky and unique presents. Loved this post Ellie xxx

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  3. I have never ordered anything from Etsy although I have been lusting over a few things in the past! Loving that barbie necklace! xx corinne

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  4. Supporting small businesses is so very important! I once read something that essentially said “When you support a small business, you’re supporting someone’s dream” and it’s so very true. Helping small creators, entrepreneurs, and business owners helps to make someone’s dream come true, pays for their family’s needs, so on and so forth. You got some great stuff, and you’re sending such a wonderful message!

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