Best Friends Try Primark Makeup

What’s a better blog post to do than reviewing Primark makeup? 2 friends trying Primark makeup who are different skin tones. I reviewed the Primark PS…Insta girl liquid lipsticks a while ago (click here to read it) but since they’ve come out with a few new ranges, Simone- that’s my friend- suggested we go and try out some of their makeup and try to get somewhat of a full face.

There wasn’t a huge selection of choice in the Primark we went to. There were quite a few foundations but apart from that, the other types of products were quite sparse. That’s why all I picked up was a foundation, eye shadow palette and a lipstick. The whole look came to £9- not bad.

The foundation I picked up was the My perfect colour; perfect finish in the shade Ivory. The colour match was pretty good, Ivory is usually a common shade for me. The first thing I noticed is that it smelt like nice chemicals. You know how cheap foundations usually smell like chemicals, well this smelt nice but a nice cheap foundation smell? The main points of this is that it’s not medium coverage light it claims, I’d describe this as a tinted moisturiser. The consistency is too thin to give any coverage and with 3 layers it not really buildable. It went streaky when I applied it with a brush but that was easily fixed by blending with a beauty blender. I was a bit disappointed with the coverage of this but for £2.50 I think it’d be a good lightweight foundation for the summer.


The next thing was the Diamond shine lipstick in the shade snow bunny. This was also £2.50 and the main reason I got this was for the glittery packaging. The lipstick itsself is a deep red with glitter tones in there. The colour is really pretty and feels alright on the lips but it looks really cheap. I think you can tell when a lipstick is cheap, because it just doesn’t look good. This is a pretty decoration for my room, but not something i’d wear again.

The final thing was an eye shadow palette called After party. I picked it up because of the gorgeous purple shades in it and I wasn’t expecting it be good, at all. It was £4.50 and I’d swatched some of the other palettes and the pigmentation was so bad. However, this palette wow. The pigmentation of nearly all the shades was so much better than I expected. To test this out properly I decided to take the purple glittery shade all over my lid as a one shade eye look and I wore it out for the day. I got home and it looked the same as it had done in the morning. I did use primer but it lasted so much longer than some high-end shadows I have and I was pretty shook. This was definitely the winner of the haul.

The winner for Simone was the foundation. She got the My perfect colour; matte foundation in the shade Nude for £3. The foundation claims to be medium- full coverage but she said (similar to mine) it was no where near medium coverage. She wore it for a whole day (and even fell asleep in it) and said it still looked good at the end of the day and not shiny- I guess that’s the oil free formula working. She also agreed that hers would be a good summer foundation.


As well as foundation, she tried out some blusher and a lip crayon. The blusher which is the standard Ps…Blusher was in the shade adored and was £1.50. She said it was a nice shade and was quite pigmented, but wasn’t too harsh when you put it on. The lip crayon was in the shade Mushroom and was only £2. Simone told me that the lip crayon didn’t really last that long and overall was a little bit drying.

I hope you enjoyed this post and thanks to Simone for the blog post idea! Let me know if you’ve ever tried Primark makeup, i’d love to know your thoughts!


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55 thoughts on “Best Friends Try Primark Makeup

  1. This was a really interesting post to read!! I’ve only ever tried primarks lipsticks and I would agree that they don’t always look that great on your lips. I may try out one of their eyeshadow palettes though because you aren’t the first person to give a good review 😊 xx

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  2. That after party palette looks gorge! Will keep my eyes out for that one. I’ve never tried Primark makeup before so it was good to have a read of a review. I have used some of their brushes and been impressed though! Over from xo

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  3. The after party palette looks so cute! I really want to go out and buy one now, I’ve never really bought much makeup from Primark with the thought that it’ll be a bad cheap, but after reading this I’ll give it a go a bit more! I’m always up for cheap decent makeup and the selection seems decent for the price. Thanks for the post, it was really helpful! x

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  4. Such a good post idea. I have tried primark makeup before but was not really impressed. It was a year ago though so they probably have upped their game! xx corinne

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  5. I just did a post / video on this and I’m shook. the products that I got were AMAZINGGGG. Pretty much better than their expensive dupe contour parts. Primark beauty has got me girl! lol

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  6. This post was so cute Ellie! I love the After Party Palette and for the prices, the packaging of these products are pretty nice tbh. That Snow Bunny lippie is in such a dazzling case it almost reminds me of my Mariah collection from MAC. Thanks for sharing ❤ 🙂

    xx Lena |

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