BarryM Highlighter drops Review

I feel as though it was only yesterday that highlighter became an essential step in my makeup routine. But then there came cream highlight and then the ever so daunting liquid highlight. I think that the first time I heard of these were the Iconic London & the Cover FX drops which were both at least £30. I do love highlight but I would never spend over £10 when I know there are cheaper products I could at least try first.

When I was looking for a drugstore alternative, the only ones available at the time were BarryM and Revolution. There were some poor reviews for the Revolution one on Superdrug so I went with the BarryM Liquid Chrome Highlighter Drops. They normally retail for around £6.99 but because Superdrug had 3 for 2 at the time I ended up getting it for free. The first shade I got was a gorgeous silver/white pearly colour with pink undertones called Precious Pearl.

The applicator of this is a little pipette but I like to just dab it onto my face rather than actually use the pipette and drop it onto my face purely because it’s a little thick. This seemed really daunting to me at first because of how pigmented a little drop was when I swatched it. You need such a small amount of product for it to show up but I found it so easy to blend with a brush and with my finger- with a finger works better for me.

I think that with liquid highlighter drops you need to be more careful as to how you apply it because if you don’t blend it properly it can look like a straight line on your face which isn’t a good look! But if you blend properly and accurately this looks so beautiful on your face. You get a lot of product and it’s something I recommend so much.

For £6.99 you can’t go wrong. Although i’ve not tried high end highlighter drops, I feel as though I don’t need to waste my money on something I can get for a fraction of the price that works just as good, or even better. A couple weeks later I ended up getting another one because I love them so much, this was the shade Beam me up.

IMG_4452 IMG_4411.JPG

Do you own these highlighter drops? What do you think of them?


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16 thoughts on “BarryM Highlighter drops Review

  1. I don’t wear highlighters a lot but I feel like I should. I’m always looking for some less expensive ones to try and have too and these look so pretty!

    Megan xx

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  2. I love Barry M for highlighting products, their powder products are my go to’s. The liquid highlighters seem kinda scary though as i’d worry I wouldn’t blend it enough and I’d look silly aha x

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  3. I’ve had some of these in my drawer for a few months now but still haven’t used them as I’m quite scared about how it’ll go (I usually always use powder highlighter) and everytime I think I’m going to try them I forget and powder my face! You might have convinced me to give them a go now though if I can remember before I powder haha! Great review lovely!

    Jess //

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  4. I haven’t tried these yet! I love the shade. I usually opt for a pearly shade myself as I find them the most flattering on my pale skin. I love liquid and cream highlight too as I find they sit better on drier skin so i really should try these x


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