Liquid Glitter Eyeshadows; Worth it?

What rock have you been living under if you’ve not heard of liquid glittery eyeshadows? Stila were the first brand that I heard about who did liquid eyeshadow and my love for glitter meant I needed them.

After I got them from Cult Beauty, I noticed drugstore brands were bringing out similar products so of course I got myself one of the BarryM ones to try out. The first 2 I got were from Stila in the shades Ballet Baby Sea Siren. They were £23 each with Sea Siren being a holographic like pink, purple, silver and blue all mixed into one and then Ballet Baby is quite a simple light pink.

Both shades are really pigmented and look so shiny and pretty on the eyes, the first time I wore Sea Siren two random people complimented it! They’re quite easy to apply, I find using the applicator works fine but the only thing I struggle to do is match it with other shadows. I do apply this all over my eyelid and I like the look of it but I also like to have a crease colour as well just so that there’s more definition, but because I use these as the base colour I do struggle to make it work as a good makeup look! They have quite a few different colours and I want to try a gold coloured one. In terms of lasting power, they last all day without budging and they dry super quick too!

IMG_5083IMG_5098 A cheaper alternative is the BarryM Holographic eye topper in the shade Stardust. Priced at £4.99 they’re a considerable amount cheaper than the Stila ones but the BarryM packaging is noticeable smaller. Stila have a lot more shades to pick from whereas BarryM only have 4, all space themed names. I find that the BarryM ones are a lot more pigmented and more ‘deep’ in the colour which works well over the top of eyeshadows but I do prefer Stila’s colour range! These last near enough just as long as the Stila ones and doesn’t fade or rub off throughout the day. IMG_5089IMG_5099

I think that overall, I love this trend because I love bold eyeshadows and I love glitter. Both of these products are amazing and do exactly the same job as each other and I do feel like both are worth their prices. If the BarryM did a broader shade range like Stila then I know i’d own all of the shades!

What do you think of liquid glitter eyeshadows?


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41 thoughts on “Liquid Glitter Eyeshadows; Worth it?

  1. Nice review ^^ Never heard of it ^^ Then again I’m more of a vintage girl, with skin, cat eyelashes, red lipstick kind of girl ^^ Have a wonderful day 😀

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  2. The colors on these shadows is so gorgeous and pigmented (from what I can see through the packaging). Thanks for sharing that these lasted awhile! That’s what I look for when buying shadows! Would have loved to see a photo of these on you!

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  3. Ooo, the colours of these look so pretty! I’ve never tried any eyeshadows in this kind of shade – I’m not sure if I would be brave enough haha. Would really love to give it a try though and see what they are like as they do look so pretty!


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  4. Sea Siren is such a gorgeous shade! I’m glad that there is a cheaper alternative that’s also good quality for people that aren’t sure about the trend. I’d love to see a post creating a look with either of these products x

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  5. I haven’t tried any liquid glitter eyeshadows but these sound fab! I love a good ‘halo’ eye but often struggle with getting shimmer shadows to work so these could be amazing I really want to try the Barry M one first to see if I like them! I’d have loved to see some photos of how these work on you, great post though lovely!

    Jess //

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  6. Wonderful review, those look really interesting. I will have to check them out if I can find some. It looks like you could have lots of fun with them 🙂
    Menna x

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  7. i love the trend of glittery eyeshadows! i think the halo eye is probably my favorite eyeshadow style and I usually will put a gold highlighter sprayed with Mac Fix+ right in the center to really give it the glossy look but i will have to try this out because i bet it works so much better!

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