Purple inspired Makeup Look | Collab with Claire

Today’s blog post is a collaboration with Claire who actually suggested this post since we’re both lovers of the colour purple. We’re both doing a purple inspired makeup look and this was something I was so excited to do and so happy with the end result. Read her post here!

I actually did my first ever makeup look on my blog a while back which you can read here. I also want to say that i’m not very good at photographing pictures of my makeup when it’s done so please enjoy the snapchat quality pictures!

I decided to go for a glittery purple eye which is something I don’t think I ever properly tried. I primed my eyes with my trusty MUA eye primer and used a mix of the nude shade Pancakes & the light glittery shade Fairy Lights from the Soph x Revolution eyeshadow palette which you can get here*.

Once my eyes had a base on I decided to take the shade Darkhorse from the Urban Decay Naked palette into the crease and slightly on the outer third. The shade Darkhorse is a very deep brown, almost black, with a slight shimmer to it. Any dark colour would work fine. I ended up blending this out with a big fluffy brush because it was too dark and looked quite harsh.

I then took a flat brush and packed on the glittery lilac shade in the top right of the After Party from Primark. I talked about this palette here and how pigmented this specific shade is, i’ve not actually had much use out of the other shades since then. Once I’d got the desired amount of glittery eyeshadow, I blended out again and added more of the Darkhorse shade to the crease to deepen it out. IMG_5155Instead of leaving the eye-look like that, although it did look nice enough, I decided to use my BarryM Holographic liquid eye topper in Stardust and apply it into the middle of my eyelid to create a halo style look. I used the applicator to apply some to the back of my hand and then used a small detailer brush to transfer it onto the lid. The colour matched nicely to the Primark lilac shade and made it look more shiny and stand out a little more. I didn’t apply this to the whole of my lid and I think it turned out really nicely. IMG_5162

For Mascara I used the Benefit Bad Gal Bang as well as Rimmel London Scandal Eyes mascara because I wanted quite thick lashes. If I were to have worn this makeup look out i’d have gone onto doing a full face with foundation, powder, concealer and all that jazz! But I did go in with a glossy purple lipgloss from Primark!


I was amazed at how pretty the final look was and this is definitely something I want to do more! I also need to start leaving my comfort zone a bit more with eyeshadow colours.



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41 thoughts on “Purple inspired Makeup Look | Collab with Claire

  1. I have always been scared to use purple on my eyes but this looks amazing on you!! I wish I could do eyeshadow like that haha xx

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  2. I’ve wanted to try the Barry M Holographic Eyeshadow Toppers since they were released, and I think you’ve finally sold them to me because they look incredible.. 😍 I love the After Party palette as well, although I don’t know if I’m adventurous enough to use the majority of the shades in there! 😂🤷🏼‍♀️

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  3. I’m living for this look! Haven’t used purple eyeshadow in so long and I used to ”abuse” them in the past! I really want to get my hands on those sparkly eye-toppers because my and glitter flecks don’t mix!

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  4. I love this makeup look! Purple eyeshadows used to be my favourite colours to wear I’ve got the Morphe 35P and it was my holy grail palette at one time, I really need to start wearing them again! So glad I’ve seen pictures of that Barry M product, I definitely want to get one now I’ve seen how good it looks, their products are such good quality I used one of their liquid highlighters for the first time ever yesterday and loved it!

    Jess // foundationsandfairytales.wordpress.com

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