My Spotify Playlist; Fire*

Spotify is my go-to streaming service for music and with 50% off for students it makes it even more worthwhile. That’s why today, sponsored by Panasonic wireless speaker systems, I’m going to be showing you some of my top songs in my playlist called Fire. 

The best way to listen to music is through a speaker at home, in my opinion. Singing along to some of your faves with good quality, loud sound from anywhere in your house is such a fun thing to do whether you’re home alone or hosting a party. The Panasonic Speaker System has a wide range of multi-room speakers so that your whole house could turn into a nightclub- maybe not at the discretion of the neighbours though!

My playlist called Fire is basically my everyday playlist which i’ll listen to on my way to and from college and whenever i’m out on my own. If you do want to see my playlist and follow it, access it here!

Screen Shot 2018-05-11 at 17.29.44

  1. The 1975- Robbers; After doing a whole college unit studying The 1975, specifically this song, I ended up really liking it and it’s probably one of my favourite songs right now.
  2. Basshunter- Now You’re Gone; This is a classic song which i’ve liked ever since it came out many years ago! I rediscovered it a few months ago and needed to add it to my playlist, along with some other Basshunter songs but this is by far the best one.
  3. Coby Grant- Young Love; This song is on the track-list for season 3 of Dance Academy. It’s such a calming song which I really like.
  4. Camila Cabello- Never be the Same; I wasn’t a fan of this when it came out but over time i’ve learnt to really like it so that’s one of my go to’s!
  5. Little Mix- No More Sad Songs; One of my favourite Little Mix songs which I could listen on repeat for years!

I’ve also been loving Post Malone’s new album this month too and I have a few of his songs on my playlist.

There are a few more guilty pleasure songs on there and not many current songs, but I hope you enjoyed reading a few of my favourite songs in my playlist!


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*This post is in collaboration with Panasonic, but all opinions are my own and are in no way biased*

17 thoughts on “My Spotify Playlist; Fire*

  1. I love knowing what’s on other people’s Spotify playlists! I remember the basshaunter song from when I was about 10/11 which makes me feel rather old now 😂😂

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  2. I’ve been contemplating getting Spotify premium and with the deal they’ve got on at the minute I think I’d be silly not to! Love some of your song choices especially Little Mix they’re so good! My favourite playlist on there right now is The Great British Breakfast it’s got some right throwback songs on!

    Jess //

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