Apps Bloggers NEED!

My 10 month blogging journey is slowly closing in on 1 year and throughout those short 10 months I crazily gained 1,000 followers here on my blog and I’m extremely grateful and always thankful to those who read, like and comment on my posts. It means the world to me!

I started out blogging with an Instagram and I didn’t even know there was a WordPress app! Very quickly after starting up The Diary of Ellie I made a blog dedicated Twitter and decided to download the WordPress app. I also found apps on the recommendation of others and I like to think I have some essential apps that every blogger needs!


  1. Twitter: If you don’t have Twitter for your blog then you are missing out- although I feel like a lot of you already have it! Twitter is the perfect place to gain friendships with other bloggers, ask for help or support, promote your blog posts, connect with brands and join in with blogger chats and comment threads. In a short summary, Twitter is the best place to promote yourself and your blog, and it works well.  If you do want to check out my Twitter then click here.
  2. Crowdfire: I thought scheduling tweets seemed a bit ‘robotic’ but it helps a lot! I use the free version of Crowdfire which allows me to schedule 2 tweets in the queue at any one time- you can upgrade & pay to unlock other features. When I’ve uploaded a blog post i’ll manually tweet my blog post and then schedule 2 tweets on Crowdfire usually for later on in the day or maybe the next morning. I find it helps to remind your Twitter followers that you’ve uploaded and you don’t have to remember to Tweet! There are loads of apps/websites out there for tweet scheduling but I find Crowdfire to just be easy and simple.
  3. Bloglovin: I feel like Bloglovin is an essential app if you’re a blogger who really love reading other peoples blogs and keeping up to date with their content. I have so many blogs that I love which aren’t on WordPress so I can’t read those through the WordPress reader. Instead, if they’re connected to Bloglovin, I can follow them and simply read all of non-Wordpress blogs through Bloglovin. It allows you to easily like their posts, follow them and leave a comment. Of course you can gain a following for your blog as well and share it out!


Although there are more apps that are useful, those are my top 3 for any bloggers! Let me know your essential apps in the comments!


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28 thoughts on “Apps Bloggers NEED!

  1. These apps are great for getting your work out there! I love using Hootsuite to schedule my tweets, it allows you to schedule as many tweets as you like!

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  2. These are some really good recommendations!

    Although mundane, scheduling tweets is one of the most effective promotion methods for me. I use Hootsuite, which allows you to queue up to 30 tweets on the free version. It also lets you post Instagram photos from your laptop, which is amazing when you’re busy and trying to keep to a schedule!

    I 100% agree with you about Bloglovin’. A lot of people underrate it, and although it HAS received bad wrap in the past, I do love it. It makes it so easy to see what blogger’s posts I’m behind of so that I can go through and catch up with them. It comes in so handy when I’m busy at college and haven’t had time to read anything for a few weeks.

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  3. I tried using bloglovin but couldn’t really figure it out. Which is a shame because I enjoy having a feed with new blogposts. That’s what I like about wordpress blogs as they all show up in the reader view!

    Gotta try out that crowdfire app though! Thanks!

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  4. Totally loved this post! I’ve definitely got to start using crowdfire to schedule some tweets! I’m always so bad at promoting my blog!😂🌸

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  5. great suggestions! I need to get better at remembering I have a twitter for my blog, I am going to have to look into crowdfire because I’m at work all day which is what causes me too forget about my twitter! Thanks for sharing and congratulations on your big milestone❤️

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  6. Great post Ellie! It’s so exciting you have nearly been blogging for a whole year, go you! I definitely agree with these apps, I need to check out Crowdfire as I’ve never scheduled a tweet yet, I need to learn how to do that 😄. Thanks for sharing 💖 xx

    Bexa |

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  7. I totally agree with you in twitter. The bloggers out there are the most helpful online people I ever met… And compared to all media platforms I think for me twitter is the most alive one.

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  8. I reckon the only app I’d add is LastPass, which really handy to keep passwords saved, which just means that your blog, social media and what-not stay secure. I must have a few hundred passwords/notes saved in there by now!

    Otherwise, some solid suggestions — can’t go wrong with WordPress! Another great post… looking forward to more.



  9. Thanks for the tips. I started a blog about my career transition into web design about 6 months ago and haven’t been promoting it at all. Now I’d like to start promoting it and sharing what I’ve learned so far so your ideas on how to go about doing this are super helpful.

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