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I love getting pictures printed and sticking them in scrapbooks and having physical memories of days that were special to me, or people who I love. Standard 6×4 prints are cute but I absolutely love the polaroid retro style prints. I do have a polaroid camera but when it comes to buying refills, the price adds up. That’s why I decided to contact Printiki who sell a whole range of different retro style prints, canvases, posters and more! It really is the ideal place to go to get special memories printed for scrapbooking or even making a photowall!

They very kindly sent me a code for 30 prints of the retro square M prints which was just what I was looking for, if you do want to make an order can you use my code RTSYMWPB for free shipping on your order.

Making memories is something really important to me because memories last forever but sometimes it’s really nice to have a physical reminder of certain people or significant times in your life. My house is filled with photos from when I was a baby, my Mom and Dad’s marriage and having a reminder of those happy times is so special.


That’s why I absolutely love scrapbooking and sticking pictures in a little memory book. From Printiki I got printed a load of photos of me and my best friend, a few of me and a few other photos from my blog photography which is something i’m very proud of. There’s also a few of me and little Bonnie, my 7 months old puppy! They really are ideal because you can fit a lot of prints onto one page unlike if you were to use standard sizes- and little mini photos are cute right?!


Printiki’s service is so high quality. Their customer service is fab, the quality of the prints are so good for their prices which starts at £5.50 for 20 retro prints and I just think the brand itself is perfect for making memories with.

I think i’ll 100% be ordering again because no doubt i’ll be making more memories over the summer!


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*Products featured in this blog post were kindly gifted from Printiki, however all opinions are my own and are in no way biased*

*If you use the referral code mentioned I will gain credits on my account which add to monetary value*

12 thoughts on “Making Memories | Printiki

  1. I’ve seen this brand around a lot lately and I love the idea. There’s nothing better than a physical photo you can hold and I deeply miss disposable cameras! But I don’t scrapbook – I don’t have the time or the patience or the skill really so I wouldn’t know what to do with photos like these! xxx

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  2. I just bought a scrapbook on Monday so I can start scrapbooking, but I also want to print off some old photos from the last few years that I have on my phone, so I’ll have to look into Printiki! I love the way the prints look, with that almost vintage style with the extra white space!

    Beka |

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