A-Z of The Diary Of Ellie

I don’t normally do these kind of ‘tag’ posts but I decided my audience and my readers need to get to know me better with the A-Z tag… So if you do, carry on reading!

is for awkward because I tend to be quite awkward in new surroundings or when meeting new people.

B is for blogging because that’s my favourite thing to do!

C is for chicken nuggets from Mcdonalds because they are lush!

D is for dry skin because my face especially is so dry and sensitive that I have to be careful what products I use on it.

E is for Ellie because that’s my name haha!

F is for fragile because I think that my emotions are generally quite fragile and I can get upset easily!

is for Gasoline by Halsey which is an underrated song!

is for High school Musical, which I never actually watched as a kid, I just lied and said I did to be cool and fit in!

is for internet, i spent most of my time on there!

is for Joanne, that’s my Mom’s name!

is for knitting which i’ve tried and failed!

is for Lush bath bombs, they’re my fave!

is for Mom, I love her a lot.

is for nose piercing, I got my nose pierced a while ago and my Mom was so mad at me she didn’t speak for a week…

is for Optiat, a new brand i’ve discovered! Optiat|The VIP Pamper Kit

P is for Pusheen because who doesn’t love the adorable cartoon cat! I have way too many Pusheen items at home!

is for question i’m always asked; How tall are you? (*eye roll*)

is for Revolution, they’re one of my favourite drug-store brands.

is for stripes because 99% of my wardrobe is stripy patterned clothing. And also sweet curry sauce too because that’s amazing oh my god.

is for The Vampire Diaries, it’s my favourite series of all time and I watched it since 2010 until it finished.

is for Urban Decay being one of my favourite high end brands.

is for Vans, not the vehicle, the shoes! I almost always wear Vans and live in them.

is for Walsall, where I was born.

is for ‘xoxo’ which I love to use in a sarcastic way, oops..

is for yllow because I think it’s a super pretty colour, only pastel yellow though.

 is for my Zodiac sign, I’m an aries! I actually blogged about it here.

That was a lot harder than I thought to think of all of those letters but I hope you enjoyed!



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37 thoughts on “A-Z of The Diary Of Ellie

  1. AYYY I’m aries too!(sun calendar, I mean.I’m supposed to follow the moon.whatevs)This was really interesting, and it’s really inspiring how far you’ve come with your blog.Keep the good work up girl!

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  2. Hahaha what a fun post! Can’t believe you didn’t watch HSM :O I was a MASSIVE fan of vampire diaries but I didn’t finish it because I was tired of everyone dying and coming back to life and none of my favourite couples were happening 😭

    Meg x the-writeblog.blogspot.co.uk

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  3. This is such a fun get to know me tag, way more interesting than the 25 or 50 facts about me ones. I will never ever read xoxo and not hear the end of Gossip Girl in my head. I never watched High School Musical as a kid either, I don’t even know if I’ve seen it all the way through now!! x


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  4. Love this A-Z tag! Oh man, I hate dry skin! I need to put all sorts of cream on to contain it. YESSSS!!! I LOVE PUSHEEN! I want to start collecting its stuff but the price can add up REALLY quick. Thanks for sharing this A-Z about yourself! 🙂

    Nancy ♥ exquisitely.me

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