Friendships & Communication

We’ve all had friendships, maybe they’ve failed or maybe they’ve been successful 8 years down the line but one thing which is essential is communication.

I’ve had many failed friendships but i’m totally ok with that. A lot of friendships are usually for convenience and you’re lucky if you’ve built a friendship that’s not around seeing someone everyday at school and as you get older you realise that.

A conversation with Simone sparked a topic of discussion about the communication within friendships. In any form of relationship you need to have a level of communication and you need to establish that there has to be honesty within how you’re feeling. Me and Simone have been friends for about 3 years since going to college together and for certain reasons we’ve become a lot closer in the past year than we have been, surprisingly this isn’t because we had to see each other everyday at college.


Where the communication comes in is that you have to learn to be comfortable in telling your friend your honest feelings if they’ve pissed you off or upset you. The thing is, a lot of people tend to get worried that it might cause an argument or end the friendship but there’s nothing worse than a friend that makes you feel shit. If you truly feel like they’re your best friend then there shouldn’t be any need to worry about how they might react because they should be appreciative over the fact you’ve called them out for doing something that’s made you feel a bit upset.

Same goes for honesty. There have been a few times when me and Simone have planned to go shopping and I either can’t be bothered or my anxiety is high that day. If I didn’t have a level of communication with her i’d end up going and probably ruining the day but instead I tell her (even if it is the morning before we’re supposed to meet) and agree to just meet another day. There’s no hostility, no arguments and it’s an understanding that sometimes we just can’t be bothered.


I think all genuine friendships should be like that in which you can talk about anything and everything, including things they do which might annoy you! Communicate, discuss and overall just appreciate the genuine friends you have in your life!


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25 thoughts on “Friendships & Communication

  1. loved your chatty post ellie! ive found some good and meh friends over the past couple of years and it can be tricky! there are only a few good eggs if ya know what i mean aha xx
    ell x
    p.s. my August bujo post is out if you are interested 😉

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  2. This is a lovely post! Sounds very similar to my situation, I met my best friend in college around 4 years ago and have been friends ever since, we don’t talk everyday but when we do it’s like no time has passed! Xx

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  3. I think the definition of a failed friendship is really interesting. As you get older a lot of the time you just drift, but if you were to see each other or pick up the phone everything would be totally fine. I’m the worst at staying in contact with people and as I’ve gotten older I’ve learnt to really appreciate that I have the kind of friends who are just there no matter what whenever I pick up the phone! x


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  4. Live this! Good communication should be the basis for any long lasting relationship I feel like! I know I have gained and lost friendships as I have gone through life but the steadfast ones are the ones I feel comfortable expressing myself in for sure!

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  5. Great blog Ellie- I completely agree communication is key and finding friends that you can be open and honest with is what is important. I always worried that I didn’t have a huge amount of friends but the friends I do have I can rely on, even if we don’t see eachother everyday! X

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  6. This was really interesting, communication is really important but as you get older people become busy and life gets in the way. The friends I hold closest are the ones that I might not speak to daily but every time we do speak it’s like we never stopped talking.

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  7. Can’t agree with the points in this post enough – communication and honesty are so important. I’ve found some amazing friends and some really average friends over the years and I’ve lost some friends but I know that as long as i have a couple of really close, good friends then I’ve been blessed more than i can imagine xx


  8. Failed friendships make me sad to think about but good has come from them. I have learnt that communication is the key. I couldn’t agree more with everything that you said in this post! xo


  9. I’m unfortunately one of those people who didnt have great communication woth their best friends. It ended up in me getting hurt over over and resenting my own bestie. When I broke up with was more painful than any other relationship.
    But once I did I felt like a burden off of my shoulders and that I could be me again without seeking approval of someone.

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  10. Such an important realization and reminder about friends! I myself have gone through the ring with friends and had to understand the importance of communication the very, very hard way. And of course, it’s such a two way street, and helps you really understand who the people that are worth keeping around are!


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