My Face Costs £230?

Inspired by Jess, I decided to do a face full of my most expensive makeup and it came to a grand total of £228.44. I know it’s nowhere near as expensive as some peoples but nearly £230 for a full face when I have less than that in my bank seems pretty ridiculous.

To start things off, the primer which breaks the bank a little bit is the Clinique super primer which costs £23. My friend gave me this so luckily I didn’t pay for it but it’s a really nice moisturising primer if that’s something you’re after.

I paired this with the Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation for £32. This is pretty lightweight and quite buildable but it doesn’t seem to last on my face for that long. I have dry skin and soon enough it does start to show the dryness of my skin which is annoying because it was so expensive. I love to wear this for things like special occasions where i’m not going to be wearing it all day. However I don’t think it’s worth the price, sadly.


For concealer, powder and contour I used drugstore products because I don’t own any high-end ones. I used the Lottie London Got It Covered concealer which costs £4.95 and is horrible. It makes my skin feel so irritated and blends really patchy! For powder I used my trusty £1 MUA Pressed Powder and an old classic of mine for contour is the Barry M Chisel Cheeks at £6.49.


For highlight, you really can’t go wrong with the gorgeous Too Faced Diamond Highlighter even though it costs £28. It’s such a gorgeous highlight and the packaging is flawless.


Moving onto the eyes we can’t forget to use the MUA Professional eye primer priced at £2.50 along with the £39 Too Faced Chocolate Gold eyeshadow palette. For the look I created I also added the Stila glitter & glow liquid eyeshadow in the shade sea siren and that costs £23. I used the brown shades of coca truffle mixed with so boujee for the base and a little bit in the crease, used the gorgeous glittery pink shade new money more in the crease and went with the Stila liquid glitter shadow all over the lid to make it more shiny. I also decided to put a bit of new money on the bottom lash line too.


For mascara I always use 2 and hardly ever stick to just one so at a combination price of £42.50 I used the Benefit Badgal Bang (£21.50) and Tarte Gifted Amazonian clay smart mascara (£21). They’re both lovely mascara’s and work pretty well together and the Tarte mascara makes the bottom lashes look really long.


Finally to finish off the look, for the lips I chose to use the Dior Addict Ultra Gloss in the shade princess at the price of £26. I put that over the top of a free sample of Burberry Kisses shade Sepia. I didn’t include this in the price just because it’s a mini sample size and I couldn’t find the price of the mini version!


If we ignore the fact that I can’t quite pose for makeup photos, I seriously love this look. I don’t quite know if it looks expensive but it’s one of those looks you’d wear on a night out and i’m super happy with the outcome.

makeup look 2makeup look

I’d love to know your most expensive makeup item?


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33 thoughts on “My Face Costs £230?

  1. Love the idea of this post, the photography is amazing and the makeup look is gorgeous! I feel like mine would come to way less than a hundred, I should probably invest more money into my makeup 😂😭

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  2. I love the eyeshadow look you created it’s gorgeous! Thankyou so much for linking my post, I was honestly shocked when I added up my total!

    Jess //


  3. Such a good post idea. I don’t wear much make up but I have tons of it. My most expensive piece would probably be my MAC foundation which I don’t tend to use due to my dry skin and it inevitably showing, other than that its probably my lipstick collection. I’ve spent a fortune over the years haha.
    You look beautiful in the finished photos though ☺️ xx

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  4. This is a really cute look girl!! I’ve wanted to try the CT foundation for ages but its a shame it doesn’t last on your skin, you’d expect more for that price. I’m not sure what my most expensive makeup product is, I have a pressed glitter palette for £50 so possibly that!
    Alice Xx

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