Changing up my Skincare with Soap&Glory

2018 was the year I decided to try and get into the habit of a proper skincare routine so I trialed and tested different brands to get the perfect products for me. In January I had a good range of products that worked for my skin and i’ve been doing the same routine since then. However, I was lucky enough to receive some amazing full-size products of Soap & Glory skincare bits from being part of their #babesofglory programme. Their latest package was to spread the word about complexion pore-fection and contained 4 full size skincare products. This gave me the perfect opportunity to put these products to the test on my dry and sensitive skin.

The first product that I got in the package was the  3-in-1 Daily Vitamin C Facial Wash. It has scrubbing beads within the face wash to gently exfoliate and it purifies your skin without feeling too overpowering. The first time I used it, it made me feel really awake and felt super refreshing. This didn’t irritate my skin and after 5 days of using this I can confirm it still feels really smooth and gentle on my skin.


However, this does claim it removes makeup but when i’ve worn a full face it’s struggled to remove it all. That’s why i’ve chosen to start my skincare routine off with my Lush Ultrabland cleanser so that all my makeup is off and the facial wash can give my skin a good cleansing rather than just using it to remove my makeup.


I was also given the  Peaches and Cream Deep Cleansing Milk which smells amazing. This is essentially the same thing as my Lush cleanser but a much lighter consistency. This feels nice and refreshing like the facial wash does and has been so gentle on my skin. I genuinely have been so shocked that these products haven’t irritated my skin at all over my weeks trial. However, i’ll only use this cleansing milk on days where I haven’t worn makeup and i’ll use the Lush cleanser on days where i’ve worn a full face and need something thicker to erase the makeup.

The final two products in the package were the Deep Purifying Hot Cloth Cleanser and Under-eye Brightening Gel Pathches. I tend to stay away from the more pamper evening type of products because I find that they’re usually too harsh for me and so it means I can never treat my skin but these were both really nice on my skin.

I tried out the eye gel patches first and can’t recommend these enough. I’d never felt more awake after having them under my eyes and I did think they really did, somehow, brighten under my eyes after a stressful week. They smelt great too and were moisturising, even nicer that they left a bit of residue on the skin to massage on.

The hot cloth cleanser didn’t really do anything for me. It didn’t irritate my skin which is great but it just felt like i’d put on a moisturiser and then washed it off with the cloth provided with it. It felt ok on the skin but I don’t really think i’m a fan of it. Like I say, I don’t tend to use these kind of products on my skin anyway so I don’t think i’m missing out on much!


I’m quite happy i’ve found more products that i can use on my skin without the worry of it turning red with irritation or being as dry as a bone. All of these products are under £10 which is really good considering how big the facial wash and cleansing milk are! Have you ever tried Soap & Glory skincare?


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37 thoughts on “Changing up my Skincare with Soap&Glory

  1. hello I recently started blogging about beauty and makeup and Im looking for inspirations. Good thing I found your blog. New follower here.

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  2. Ive tried a few products from S&G but never really noticed a massive difference, I think it was because I had no idea what my skin type was so was using all the wrong things! I love how honest this post was and amazing photography as always xx

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  3. Wow, these products sound amazing. I love hearing about new skincare products. Having a good and consistent skincare routine is so important to me. I’ll definitely have to look into some of these products more! Thanks for sharing!

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  4. I love all Soap and glory products! I haven’t tried too much stuff from their skincare range but I need to, those eye patches sounds amazing, going to need to pick myself up some, lovely post x

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  5. I haven’t tried any Soap and Glory products but I really want to soon! I love the packaging and the fact that they’re under ten pounds too which is a nice bonus! It’s great that they smelt good and didn’t irritate your skin.

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  6. i love soap and glory! i’ve more so used their bath products but i’ve dabblled a little in their skincare. i have also used the vitimin c face wash and i agree it doesn’t fully take my makeup off, i’ll more so use it like you did as a second cleanse or if i didn’t wear makeup that day. i love trying eye patches especially since it’s been pretty warm where I live, putting them in the fridge before you wear them feels so lovely! great post ellie! xx

    mich //

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  7. I haven’t tried much Soap & Glory skincare. I’d love to try the eye gels, I love products like that. The vitamin c product doesn’t sound like it’s for me as I don’t like cleansers with bits/beads in but I have tried the hot cloth cleanser and really liked it!! They sound amazing for the price!! x


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