September Roundup

I don’t normally do ’round ups’ of each month like some bloggers do when they set themselves goals for the month. I do love reading them but I can never commit myself to setting goals for a month! Instead I thought i’d summarise September for you, and more so myself because it’s been a bloody good month for me.

The first highlight, in terms of blogging, was that I got my highest paid sponsored blog post ever. For me, the finance side of blogging is an added bonus of something I do purely out of love. It’s quite mad that i’m able to earn money, something I never thought i’d do. September has also been the month of the most sponsored posts i’ve done in one month as well as quite a few upcoming opportunities landing in my inbox. I’m forever thankful of this platform I have and I never want to stop showcasing my writing ability and my photography!


This month I also got a job! But this has probably been the biggest achievement in a while. After deciding I wasn’t going to go back to college to continue my studies in creative media at level 5 I needed to get a job because i’d have no money. I’d been applying for jobs for what felt like forever (maybe 4 months) and I think I had 2 interviews in that time. Being rejected from so many jobs and not hearing back from the 100+ I applied for really sh*t on my mood. It got me down mentally and I honestly didn’t think i’d get a job. Luckily right at the end of August/start of September I had an interview for 2 different companies, got both jobs and that seriously lifted my mood but also my anxiety. I accepted the job which I felt like i’d enjoy more and I made the right decision. I seem to be fitting in well, picking up on how to do everything and am genuinely enjoying it.

This month, and most of the summer, i’ve been playing around with a new website for creating graphics and presentations. Some lovely people at Visme asked if i’d like to try out their website for 3 months on a premium upgraded account in return for a review of it on my blog if I enjoyed using the site. Since i’m blogging about it, i’ve been enjoying it and finding it useful for creating graphic pictures for quotes like this and this. You can get a free account but upgrading gets you things like more storage and downloading files in different formats. If you’re someone big in the blogging graphic game then it’s worth checking out!


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39 thoughts on “September Roundup

  1. I’ve personally stopped setting myself monthly goals because of the pressure (although I HAVE set a few for October but I’m not doing it strictly and religiously like I was at the beginning of the year). September sounds like a hugely successful month for you, congrats on the job! I’m in the hunt for a part-time job and had 3 rejections in September!

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  2. I love that you took a conventional blog post and made it your own. I struggle with setting monthly goals for myself too because so much can change within a course of a month and I love being flexible – I feel like feeling I have to stick to a list would only make me feel limited in freedom and creativity. Congrats on your new job by the way!

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  3. Oh I can totally relate to the whole job hunting thing! It’s such a let down applying to so many places and not hearing back. I’m so happy you got a job that you enjoy though and congrats on all the blogging opportunities! xx

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  4. I haven’t actually set myself goals in a while because if I don’t meet them I get a bit disappointed. That’s really great that September was so good for you! Especially the sponsored post x

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  5. Congrats on such a lovely month for you and of course on landing a job! I’ve never done round ups as well especially now that I haven’t been so active with blogging, but who knows I might do this pretty much soon!
    And hey, I love photography as well. I will definitely check out some of your photography posts. I hope October will be as amazing as your September dear! x

    Mary |


  6. Great post! I feel like I should do more “round up” posts just so I can look back at the progress I’ve made during each month – thanks for inspiring me xox p.s. congrats on the new job and I hope it’s going well!

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  7. I’m so happy for you that you finally landed yourself a job! Sounds like you had a great month, I hope October is just as good for you!

    Jess //

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