Budget Buys You Need To Try!

Who can blame me or you for not wanting to spend our life savings on an eyeshadow palette! I do love to treat myself to high end products but you can’t beat a good bargain on a drug store product that performs just as well as high end brands. Over the year i’ve been into makeup i’ve found a fair few ‘dupes’ but todays post will focus solely on some of my favourite budget makeup pieces.

First up are the BarryM Liquid Chrome highlight drops in the shades Beam Me Up (gold shade) & Precious pearl (white/silver shade). These are available at Superdrug and Boots for around £6.99. I actually gave them a review here. For the price of these they are seriously amazing and give the perfect duo-chrome type of effect in the light. The white shade looks quite white and silver but then when in the light it gives off a gorgeous pink shine. The gold shade is the perfect golden glow for even the palest of skins and on top of the gorgeous shades they have, the pigmentation of them is super strong and they’re so easily bendable.


Another firm favourite and what seems to be a popular choice in the beauty blogging world is the Revolution Conceal & Define concealer. With it’s price tag under £5 and it’s coverage pretty good it probably is my favourite budget product. A lot of people have compared this to the Tarte Shape tape concealer but not having tried it personally I can’t compare. I never used to wear concealer before I tried this and it really changed my makeup game, if you haven’t tried it you really have to. I feel like I look more flawless in the eye area and it’s a product that works well on my dry skin!


The final budget makeup product you really have to try is the Revolution Iconic Matte lipstick in the shade Chauffer. My fave girl Beth got this me in our Blogger Box Swap and it’s the perfect nude shade. Revolution do quite a few different shades and finishes all for just £2 which is SO budget friendly. The pigmentation easily reminds me of a more expensive lipstick and the packaging is a lot like MAC but the perks of Revolution is that they don’t test on animals.


All 3 of these products are some of my favourites in my collection and all are under £10! You don’t need to spend loads of money on the perfect face, drug store brands are seriously underrated. What are your favourite budget products?

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51 thoughts on “Budget Buys You Need To Try!

  1. Revolution is my go to brand for affordable but brilliant makeup! I do prefer the Collection concealer though, it’s still under £5 but has better coverage I find x

    Lyd- whatlyddid.com

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  2. Revolution is increasingly becoming one of my favourite brands. The more products I buy and try, the more I love them. These products all look amazing, great yet affordable!

    Nat x | nataliehansonblog.wordpress.com

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  3. The precious pearl shade of the highlighter is on my wishlist! Your post makes me need it even more!! Lovely post girl x


  4. I LOVE the Revolution conceal and define! Best concealer I’ve ever used and I did a post on some Barry M buys a while back and loved the highlighter drops too! Such a fab budget buy! I’ve just bought the Revolution Halloween ones and I’m going to be trying them tomorrow, I wonder how they’ll compare…
    Alice Xx

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  5. I love budget beauty! I think it’s really doing as well as higher priced makeup, i haven’t tried those highlighter drops before but they look really great. I also really like the Revolution lipsticks such good value x

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  6. I have always wanted to try liquid highlighter drops. You could use them as eyeshadow or to make your lips shimmery too. I have heard mostly good things about eh Revolution concealer, it is such a good price! Love the colour of the lipstick! x

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  7. It’s nice to treat yourself from time to time. It’s great that you found some nice dupes! Love the highlighter drops, I am a fan of the sparkles! Wow, the concealer comes at such a great price. The lipstick definitely looks like a MAC. Thanks for sharing!

    Nancy ♥ exquisitely.me

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  8. I love the look of the highlighters! Makeup Revolution is one of my faves and is so affordable. I’ve heard nothing but great things about their new concealers and foundations (I’ve yet to try them myself though)
    Thanks for sharing ♥

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  9. I’ve heard really great things about the Barry M highlighters, but personally I never really wear highlighters! My skin is quite oily so I don’t think I need any help in that area, haha. I do think I’ll try out that revolution concealer, I’ve used the collection one for a while now but I’d love to see if there are some better ones around. Next time I’m in Superdrug, I’m definitely going to grab myself one to try! Thanks for sharing 🙂


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