Hangover Cures?

I’m no stranger to hangovers and i’m certainly no stranger to looking up cures for them online. I’ve come across things online such as drinking loads of water, avoiding coffee, eating ginger and even just going back to bed. I still find myself feeling super groggy the next morning.

Hangover Supplements?

I didn’t realise that there were actual supplements that you can take to avoid a hangover. HANG=OVER is a natural capsule which you take before you go out drinking with the aim of waking up without a hangover. The pill has a combination of natural ingredients to help protect the liver and to regulate the body. For a pack of 2 (1 pill per night out) it costs £4.99 which you buy via their website where you can also find more information!


My Alcohol Habits

I’m 100% the defintion of a lightweight. I can handle my drink but struggle to keep a clear head. I guess the perks of that is that i’m a cheap night out and I don’t tend to get whopping hangovers, I usually feel dizzy for most of the morning and a little bit sick… oh and super dehydrated.

The Test

I was really excited to put this to the test because if it actually worked then it’d be revolutionary. I was pretty skeptical because i’d never heard of it before and thought that if it was so great then i’d surely have heard of it.


I ended up testing this on a night out to my local Wetherspoons which involved 2 whole pitchers to myself, a few vodkas and some shots. I took it as directed, an hour before I started drinking and really couldn’t wait to see if it worked when I woke up. The first thing I noticed was that I didn’t feel as dehydrated like I do when i’ve drank quite a bit. I definitely didn’t feel as sick either but I still had a slight headache but it didn’t seem as bad as normal.

I think that this would be a lot more effective if you’re someone who drinks a lot more or you’re planning on partying hard. But for the most part I think it did make a slight difference in how I felt! I’m gonna save the other pill and keep it for when I know i’ve got a big night planned and let you know how I get on when i’ve drank a lot more alcohol!

Is this something you’d love to try out? Don’t forget to have a look on their website!

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*Products featured in this blog post were kindly gifted from Landys Chemist, however all opinions are my own and are in no way biased*

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6 thoughts on “Hangover Cures?

  1. God, I wish I saw this post yesterday… worst hangover I had in ages. At least it wasn’t as bad as my poor boyfriend who was sick a few times when we got back to mine, haha! I watched an interesting documentary on alcohol a while ago and one bit about hangovers… they didn’t mention this miracle pill but rather trying to force yourself to eat is really useful.

    Rachel || anotherstationanothermile.com

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