Confessions Of A Blogger

Being a blogger is great, for the most part. We meet some amazing people, sometimes we’re lucky enough to get gifted items and get to share our creativity for writing. But there are secrets and thoughts that we often keep to ourselves and today i’ve compiled a list about the confessions of a blogger that’ve been submitted and i’m going to give my thoughts on them… Enjoy!

confession 1 (1).pngWhen I first started getting gifted things from brands I was so worried that I might not like it or get along with it and then I was worried i’d have to lie to my followers about liking a product when I didn’t but that’s never been the case. The only time I didn’t get along with a product I let the PR team know and they were so kind about it and arranged to send out some products to replace the things that weren’t great for me! However I feel like if you aren’t being honest about your opinions on products then you aren’t being true to yourself and your readers.

confession 4.pngBloggers seriously get overlooked so I can agree with this confession. People don’t understand all the effort and hard work that goes into creating a post and then the added extras of promoting the post, keeping up your social medias and all of that. I also think that people who aren’t in the blogging world assume that it’s a free ticket to getting free products when it isn’t that at all.

confession 7I don’t really relate to this as i’m not in college or sixth form so the pressures of education don’t affect me anymore but I do see a lot of people on my timeline worrying that they don’t have time to blog. You do have to find a balance because your education has to be your number 1 priority over your blog. But on the weeks where i’ve been too busy to post then I too become disappointed that my stats have dropped!confession 6Oh my god yes! I’ve got a box full of stuff i’ve been wanting to swatch and properly use that i’ve just bought but i’m waiting to find the time to take photos of it for a blog post! The struggles are real.

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33 thoughts on “Confessions Of A Blogger

  1. I can relate to “being nice” about products. I’ve received tons of free books and I love it! I appreciate that the mere act of writing a book is a huge endeavor, so if I don’t like a book, I try to be tactful. I will always be truthful in my reviews. However, doing bad reviews takes the most work for me, because it takes a lot of creativity to say “This book sucks” without saying “This book sucks”!

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  2. The one about being too busy to blog because of other commitments and then being disappointed by the lowered stats is one I can definitely relate to. I started working for myself eight months ago, and it has meant that I’ve had to put my blog on the back burner for a while. I think I averaged around one blog post a month after making a big deal about my ‘return to blogging’, and then haven’t posted anything since September. I guess this ties into the first confession, too, when I say that people really don’t appreciate what goes into blogging. It’s hard work, and it’s way more than producing a blog post, clicking publish, and being done with it! I’d love to see a part two.

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  3. The one about not being able to open and use a product before it is photographed is so true!! I have a couple of things I can’t use at the moment because I haven’t got round to taking pics yet ha ha. Wow yes, blogging is so much more than just getting free stuff, the amount of work we do behind the scenes is craaaazy! Great post Ellie, really enjoyed reading this ❤ xx

    Bexa |

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  4. Blogging is hard work and not many people know that it is not all sunshine and flowers indeed. I don’t do much beauty posts so I have never been in the situation of not opening a product for a post. But I do agree that it is sometimes hard to talk bad about a product in fear of the company reacting very very badly (and as I heard, potentially threatening to sue for slender)

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  5. Honesty is always the key. You want to have a trustworthy reputation where you’re honest with your thoughts and if the products/services aren’t that great, you speak up. Oh man, blogging is hard when it comes to planning! A lot of people don’t consider that until they actually walk in the shoes. Thanks for sharing these confessions. Totally relatable.

    Nancy ♥

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  6. I can definitely relate to a lot of these! I feel bad when I can’t post as often as I’d like, and it makes me feel like a bad blogger. I’m trying to focus on posting when I can and delivering good posts! Such an insightful post x

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  7. This was a really great post to read, some of my answers would actually be the same as yours aswel! I totally get what you mean about being sent products, luckily everyone I’ve received so far I’ve liked! Great post x

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  8. I can’t believe how many of these I agree on. I can relate to everyone of them in one way or another and I didn’t realise others felt the same way with blogging.
    This is a really interesting idea for a blog post and I’m looking forward to when you do another post with confessions soon. I really enjoyed reading this. Thank you 😊

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  9. Ah I can certainly relate to some of these, especially being disappointed when stats drop despite not having done enough because real life has just got in the way. We should all know better by now, shouldn’t we? Great post!

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  10. I like your view on honest reviews. I wouldn’t feel right lying to my visitors about any product or service. It’s better not to write the review at all.
    It is a lot of work writing posts for our site’s and being consistent. However, I do truly enjoy it.
    I do have a question for you. How do you get these products sent to you to review? I will be waiting for your response. Great post, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

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  11. Love the idea of this post! I massively relate to being busy with a-levels, I get so inactive on my blog sometimes because of it and feel SO guilty! x

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