Christmas Box Swap With Beth!

Happy holidays! Today’s blog post is bringing to you the first Christmas content from me! A few months ago, me and my bestie Beth, did a Box Swap where we set a budget and sent each other makeup goodies. It was so fun that we decided to do one again for Christmas but this time upping the budget. We also decided that it wasn’t going to be just makeup! Before you do carry on reading, making sure you check out what goodies I got Beth by clicking here.

The main thing that was wrapped up was this gorgeous makeup bag from M&S, with the other presents wrapped up inside. It’s a really pretty emerald green colour with a pompom on the zip and the word sparkle in gold glitter.


The first thing I opened from inside the bag was this Lovisa stone necklace. I love the brand Lovisa but I don’t have any stores close to me so this was a cute surprise! I love the style of these necklaces and the colour is so pretty too.


Inside the bag smelt so nice so I guessed that there was probably some bath treats in there for it to smell so good and I was right! There were 2 bath fizzers from The Body Shop (I think they’re from the Christmas range) and then a really pretty bath melt from Miss Patisserie in a Vanilla Scent. I love having bubbly baths with bombs and melts in at winter time because it’s just so super cosy.


The most exciting thing amongst the presents has to be the Pusheen plush pen from Primark. Beth knows I love Pusheen and my readers probably do too from my Pusheen Box; Summer Review but I kept seeing this pen in Primark but never actually bought it and i’m so happy Beth got it me!


I also go gifted 2 makeup products which were a contour and a glitter pigment. The contour set is from L.A. Girl off BeautyBay and comes with quite a light shade of contour and then a highlight shade. I swatched it when I first opened it and it looked like a really good match for my pale skin so i’m excited to give this a try. I also got a gold glitter pigment from the brand Wunder2. Beth said she got me this because she loves my makeup looks on my blog and wants me to do a tutorial with the glitter and i’m excited to do that, glitters come in perfect for the Christmas party season.


The final product are these face jewels from Gypsy Shrine. I’ve never actually tried out face jewels but I think I might keep these for next Summer festival season… or maybe for a Christmas makeup look, who knows!


And that was everything Beth got me. I honestly love everything so much and am so grateful she sent me some amazing products. It’d mean the world to me if you went and gave Beth a follow on Twitter and Instagram, you’ll love her content!


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24 thoughts on “Christmas Box Swap With Beth!

  1. THIS IS THE CUTEST THING. Your friendship is so sweet and I want to do this now!! Also that little Pusheen… IM IN LOVE. I’m off to read your Pusheen box review omg I need to subscribe to that hahaha

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  2. Aww this is such a cute box swap! Beth got you so many nice things! I’m loving the Pusheen plush pen, it’s so adorable and yay it has pizza too!! Bath treats are perfect for some self-care on these cosy winter evenings. Thanks for sharing Ellie, lovely post! ❤ xx

    Bexa |

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  3. What a great and thoughtful idea! My family sets a $10 limit for each person every year and they end up being my favorite gifts! They mean so much more when you have to actually personally individually pick each one out.

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