Top Glitter Picks For The Festive Season

I love glitter. I love using it in arts and crafts and I love using it on my face so there’s no surprise at my excitement when it comes to Christmas parties. You just can’t go wrong with a glittery eye for your works Christmas party or on Christmas day! That’s why i’ve decided to put together a guide to my favourite glitters for the party season if you’re stuck for choice.

The Base

Before I get into which glitters are my favourite, the most essential part about a glittery makeup look is your base. Loose glitter won’t stick to your eyes or face magically, you’ll need a specific glue. Quite a few brands offer glitter glues now but last year there weren’t many on the market. NYX do a primer glue available from NYX directly or Boots but it’s priced at £8 for 10ml, whereas if you go over to Superdrug or Amazon* you can get a BarryM glitter glue for £4.99 (It’s currently on sale at £3.99) with the same amount in. Despite the fact I’ve never tried the NYX primer, I don’t see the point in paying nearly double the price for something that does the job perfectly and my glitter genuinely stays on my eyes all night!

The Glitters

The first glitter I have the mention is the BarryM Holographic Eye Topper although they aren’t loose glitters, they’re a creamy sort of shimmer. I did actually give them a review here where I mentioned how great I thought they were. They do lack in their colour variety but the gorgeous green shade, which is called Supernova, is perfect for the Christmas season. You can easily glam up these eyeshadow toppers by adding eyeliner, whether that be a glittery silver liner or a simple black cat eye. These come in at under £5 and given the fact that Superdrug tends to do a 3 for 2 quite often, you could grab 3 of the 4 shades available for just shy of £10!


Moving onto the loose glitters, I don’t own many but I have a variety of shades. My all time favourite glitter is 100% the Glitter Rush Body Glitter by BarryM. I have the really pretty snow like shade called Snow Globe and it twinkles really pretty in the light. This is classed as a body glitter but I have used it on my eyes and i’ve have no problems. This paired with the glitter glue and a red shadow in the crease is a gorgeous look. The price on Superdrug is £4.99 and the glitter has lasted me so long so far.

A new addition to my glitter collection is the Revolution Glitter Bomb in the shade Grande Gesture. It’s a really appealing rose gold shade and is a little bit finer in consistency than the BarryM one. I find that although the shade is brighter, it looks a look more subtle and almost dainty on the eyes which can be really pretty. This comes in at £4 which is amazing!


Another loose glitter is the NYX Glitter Brilliance Face & Body Glitterin a really colourful purple/dark blue shade called Violet. These pots are a little bit smaller and cost £6 but give a really nice iridescent type of look on the eyes! It’s not my favourite but it’s by no means bad.

The final product, which isn’t a loose glitter, is the BarryM Illuminating Finish Setting Spray. This, like most BarryM products, comes in just under £5 and is essentially a glitter spray. I bought it thinking it was a generic setting spray but when I spritzed it onto my face, I turned into a glitter ball. Give it a good shake before use and the setting spray disperses gold glitter flex but I think it’s too shimmery as an everyday setting spray. Despite the fact that I wouldn’t use this on my face, it’s actually perfect to make your body glow. If you’re wearing a low-cut top or a sleeveless dress just spray onto the parts of your body which are exposed and you’ll immediately feel refreshed and look super glittery.


And those are my top picks of glitter for this season to glow and shimmer! What are your favourite brands of glitter or what sort of makeup looks do you go for a Christmas time?

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