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Who puts as much effort into their hair care routine like they do with skincare? Only 52% of people on Twitter said they didn’t put as much effort into it and I’m also quite guilty of it. I’ve never really been bothered about what shampoo I use or if I try out different treatments and hair masks.

A standard shampoo & conditioner is more than enough to keep my hair clean but sometimes you do need to give a little more TLC to your roots. Back in November, I was sent a couple of hair care products to try out over the coming months and see if there was an improvement in my thin, dry hair!

I was gifted a Power Sealer, Daily Revival Power Shampoo and the Botanical Plus Treatment. All products were full size and prices range from £13-£28. img_9122img_9123 The product I used the most was the Orange Moisturizing Power Shampoo which costs £11 for 300ml. It supposedly leaves the hair with great bounce and shine and restoring the natural PH balance. The Botanical Plus Treatment costs around £15 and helps add body and strength to hair and re-conditions it. The final product was a sealer that I used as a conditioner.

For the first wash with the shampoo, I felt like I needed to use quite a lot of product as it wasn’t lathering up properly so I ended up mixing it with my normal shampoo and it seemed fine. I then washed it out and used the Power Sealer and left it to sit for a few minutes and it made my hair feel extremely soft when I was rinsing it off. I was pretty impressed by this but felt like the Botanical Plus treatment spray didn’t do anything. I blow dried my hair after washing it and noticeably saw that it had a little more volume than normal.

I carried on with the same routine for the rest of November and into December washing my hair every 2 days and using the Botanical spray once a week. I saw such a difference in how bouncy my hair looked and it was a lot less flat like it normally is. I sadly didn’t really see much difference using the spray but loved using the shampoo and power sealer. If you are after something to give your hair life again I really do recommend trying these out!

You can shop the whole Merlin range here and see what products might be good for you!

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*Items in this blog post were kindly gifted by Merlin Professionals, however all opinions are my own and are in no way biased*

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2 thoughts on “Hair Care with Merlin Professional’s

  1. Ahh I love a good hair care routine! Im always using masks and oils, and I make sure I never wash my hair two days in a row haha! Ive been trying lots of different shampoo and conditioners, and so far my favourites have been the OGX Argan oil set! xx

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