20 Things I’ve Learnt In 20 Years

Happy birthday to me… sort of. My birthday is actually on Monday (April fools day) but I wanted this post to go up before my birthday. I’ve seen loads of other bloggers reflecting upon things they’ve learnt in the years they’ve been on the earth and considering I’m going to be 20, I thought that’d make a long list of things I’ve learnt, good and bad.

1.) People will talk shit about you, but that’s life, not everyone is going to like you

2.) Holding onto things because they’re familiar will exhaust you and drain away your happiness

3.) Going to bed early is the best self-care

4.) Mom’s always know best

5.) Don’t take Tinder so seriously

6.) A small group of real friends is better than a group full of fake bitches

7.) Vodka is the devil’s drink… and that’s why we love it

8.) Don’t wear hair extensions on a night out because chances are you’ll lose them in a club in Sheffield (ok this is very specific, but it could still happen to you)

9.) Bright blue eyeshadow probably isn’t a look

10.) Online shopping isn’t going to fix your happiness

11.) GCSE’s really don’t matter

Screenshot 2019-02-20 at 21.05.59.png

12.) Some people will carry their petty high school mentality right into their adulthood

13.) If people wrong you then just let them be, don’t let their actions affect you

14.) Build friendships around a genuine bond, not the convenience of seeing them every day at school or college

15.) Be impulsive…but not too impulsive

16.) You might think you’re a badass bitch but in reality, you’re sensitive as hell

17.) Wear whatever the hell you want

18.) Minigolf is harder than it looks

19.) Being genuinely happy is the best thing ever

20.) Thinking of 20 things I’ve learnt really is hard

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20 thoughts on “20 Things I’ve Learnt In 20 Years

  1. Aww loved this! Some of these things I’m still reminding myself of now at 26! Something to add to your list – a thing I would tell myself at 20 – life doesn’t work out the way you thought and people will achieve things at different ages. Don’t hold yourself to society standards – follow your heart & happiness and the rest will follow ❤

    Happy birthday for tomorrow!! xx

    Hayley | hayleyxmartin

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  2. This post is great. I totally agree with the Tinder thing. As soon as I started having fun with it, I met my partner of 4 years..


  3. Happy Birthday Ellie!! Im lucky to have learnt all this by 18, Ive been through a lot and all for the better. Honestly I don’t act like Im 18… more like Im 30, hahahah!! I hope you have a wonderful day lovely!! Those photos of you when you were younger are the cutest!! xx


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  4. First thing, happy birthday! I love this sort of posts, some fantastic lessons you’ve learnt and so true, number 6…definitely!! xxx

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