20th Birthday Celebrations!

It wouldn’t be my birthday if I didn’t drag it out for the longest time possible. I turned 20 on Monday, 1st April, and took the whole weekend off work to celebrate because I’m a little bit #extra.

Friday 29th March; Friday was a pretty spontaneous day. In the afternoon I went to Spoons with my brother, his girlfriend and my mom where I had 2 pitchers and some shots and then made my way over to Birmingham in the evening. My fave blogger pal, Mel, had come over to Birmingham for the weekend to celebrate with me so we chilled in her room with wine, WKD and Five Guys (…the fast food restaurant). I’d planned to go straight home but ended up getting back at midnight and the wind must’ve blown me into Spoons…again…where I had far too many vodka and cokes with my brother & his girlfriend and their friends. When the lights turned off in Spoons I thought “Thank God, I am tired I’ve been up since 6am it’s bedtime” but we ended up going to my brother’s friends house and having more vodka and I threw up but got into my own bed at 5am.

Saturday 30th March; Saturday was the main day of the bday celebrations. The plans for the evening were to meet up with my brother, his girlfriend and one their flatmates along with my bestie Simone and Mel and we were going to a club called Rosie’s on Broad Street. Before that though me, Simone and Mel had a Five Guys burger where I got free fries for no apparent reason, had pre-drinks and got ready. Us 3 also ended up in a Spoons which had a dance floor before we went to the club.

The plot twist surprise of the night was that when we got to Rosie’s we had a booth and a roped off area with 2 bottles of Vodka, sunglasses and a flower gauntlet each. I think we left the club about 3am, but I honestly can’t remember, and I had such a good time!

If you’re wondering about my outfit then my top is from Motel Rocks, the skirt is Collusion exclusive to ASOS and shoes are my trusty heels from Primark!

Sunday 31st March; Sunday was a much-needed rest day. I got home from Birmingham some time in the morning and literally was in and out of naps all day long, the McDonald’s in the evening was much needed- and I won 6 chicken nuggets on the monopoly

Monday 1st April; Shoutout to my manager who actually gave me the day off work! I didn’t really get up to a lot in the daytime because no one else was home so I watched a bit of Netflix, chilled with my dogs and then opened my presents when my parents got home. Highlights of the presents were a candyfloss machine from my brother and a new pair of Vans from my parents!

Me & my family went to Miller&Carter in the evening and I had Steak…of course. My brother’s girlfriend had made a cake for me and it was the prettiest cake I have ever seen in my entire life!

That pretty much wraps up my birthday weekend. Forever thankful for the gifts, birthday messages and love I received! I’m sure next years 21st will be a little more extra!

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