Gorgeous Glow Under £7

Highlight is one of my favourite things about a makeup look. I live for the glow and the shine but sometimes they can be quite pricey. I do own a few high-end highlighters from the likes of Too Faced and Kat Von D but I own a fair few more drugstore brands which I love just as much and tend to use more often.


You can never have too many highlighters so I thought I’d share with you 4 of the ones I use on a daily basis which are ALL under £7.

I couldn’t put together a budget highlighter guide without mentioning any of the Revolution/I Heart Revolution highlighters. One of the first ones I bought was the Unicorn Hearts rainbow highlight. It cost £4.99 from Superdrug and was super out there for me. I did get this at the time where the rainbow highlight craze was peaking I never thought I’d see myself rocking green highlight. But despite the fact that for under £5 these are super pigmented, they’re also quite lightweight meaning you can build it up. I tend to use these as individual highlighters rather than mixing/swirling them all together but the yellow shade is one that I tend to reach for mostly on a daily basis, and the purple shade too! I do love that these aren’t too crazy in terms of the colour because it makes the product really versatile. You could buy this for a holiday or a festival but still get all the use out of it in your daily makeup bag.


One of my more recent purchases from Revolution is the Girls Best Friend highlight, obviously playing on the ‘diamonds are a girl’s best friend’. This one is slightly more expensive at £6 but still extremely affordable compared to your standard pricing of high-end products. For drugstore, the feel and packaging to it is more boujee and I adore the 2 gorgeous shades in the product. Swirling them together gives the perfect pearl colour but using the silver/white shade on it’s way to my perfect everyday colour. I don’t reach for this as often as I want to and it’s something I want to start using more on an everyday basis. The pigmentation is amazing and I love the shimmer undertones to it.


The final Revolution highlighter is the Goddess Of Love costing £5. I was sent this my fave blogger ever, Beth when did a box swap! It’s a really pretty gold shimmer which I was worried would be too dark but it’s the only gold toned highlight I’ve come across which isn’t too dark for my skin at all. Ever since having this it’s become one of my favourite product in my makeup drawer.


The last highlight I thought to mention is one from Primark, believe it or not. The Brunch Club highlight is a lovely rose gold type of shade, mixing between a light pink with silver and gold hints. Again, this isn’t that dark either and makes for a perfect everyday shade. The pigmentation is actually crazy! I can’t remember how much this was but I’m 99% sure this was under £3 and they always seem to have it whenever I go into different stores. The packaging is lightweight, has a magnetic close and is slowly taking over as my all-time favourite highlight. As you can see, it’s very used!


Sometimes it is nice to splash out and treat yourself to a high-end highlighter once in a while but what’s the point in spending a load of money when you can get equally good products for a fraction of the price! What are your favourite highlighters?

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9 thoughts on “Gorgeous Glow Under £7

  1. Im going to be honest, I don’t always use highlighter as I feel its not necessary (maybe I just have a sweaty face! Haha!!), but the few I do own are ones I have been given for my birthday, I have one from MAC, and Tanya Burr (actually pretty good!). But other than that I am uneducated in the highlight department! Ahah! xx


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  2. Such amazing and affordable products. I’ve found recently that Primark make up is fabulous – I keep thinking why spend so much on named brands when Primark has a killer range! Thank you for sharing xxx

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