Reasons To Stay Alive

When I was younger, say 5 years ago, all I’d ever do was read. I was the biggest bookworm ever. 15 year old me didn’t care if I had to wake up at 7am for school, she’d still be up at 4am trying to get to the end of the chapter… and then another.

Some favourite books of mine included The Hunger Games & Divergent series, a handful of the John Green books and the Hush, Hush saga. All quite different genres but all thoroughly captivating in distracting me from everyday life. If I set my mind to it, I’d have gotten through a book every 2 days.


Reading isn’t for everyone and some people don’t have the patience or the time. When I started college the workload increased and then when I got a job it increased even more so reading a book was saved for when I’d go on holiday and have a whole week to get through some. In the past couple of weeks, I actually decided to make time to read a book I’ve been wanting to read for ages, Reasons To Stay Alive by Matt Haig. *I wrote this in September 2019 so its been a while* It’s quite a short book compared to others I’ve read and I finished it in about 3 days. I found myself reading it on the bus to work, on my lunch breaks and just before I went to bed. You can’t beat a good book before bed.

 The book is basically the story of the authors, Matt, struggle with depression and anxiety and an almost suicide attempt. It goes into a lot of detail as to what was going on inside his mind as he struggled through life with accounts of things within his earlier life that lead up to his almost suicide attempt in his early 20s.


For anyone who has ever suffered from depression or anxiety or any other mental health problems, I think it brings a sense of comfort being able to read someone else’ story. The stigma that surrounds mental health issues is still a massive problem in society but this book is definitely a step in the right direction in trying to normalise mental health issues.

Some parts of the book are super hard to read and some are actually really enlighting and comforting and I think the balance of it is so good because it’s real life. It’s someones actual story and everything is so real and raw. It helps to bring a sense of reality to mental health problems rather than over-exaggeration or extremely triggering ‘mental health awareness’  TV series. *cough* Thirteen Reasons Why *cough*.

Reasons To Stay Alive is probably the best book I’ve read in a long time. I really recommend anyone struggling, to read the book or if you want to know more about mental health issues and how they can really affect someone.

The book is available from Amazon and most bookstores!

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12 thoughts on “Reasons To Stay Alive

  1. I’ve got this book, and have read excerpts of it but haven’t yet read it cover to cover. Though what I love from what i’ve seen is how raw and genuine it comes across. It’s a reader-friendly book i’d say, perhaps like a friend to some if they find (and i’m sure they would) some comfort from reading someone else’s experiences – and that too, a man.
    Keep up the posts 🙂 Faye xx

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  2. I love to read too! I definitely have more time for it now and I need some new books to get into. This sounds like a good one and I may just add it to my list!

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  3. I’ve seen so many people talk about this book before. I knew it was mental health related but wasn’t sure which angle it took and I think the balance you’re describing sounds like a great read. I’m sure so many people could read this and find comfort x


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  4. I was the same when I was younger! I used to be such a bookworm, always staying up late to finish reading whatever new book I had. Uni just completely took it out of me though, and now I have no time for it anymore 😩 hopefully I can find more time now its over and we’re all stuck inside! I’m about halfway through Reasons To Stay Alive and I LOVE how honest and open Matt is – it’s such a good read, and will be so helpful for so many people right now 🧡

    Beka |

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  5. I love your passion with reading. It is important that stories with how people cope with mental health issues and get help are important to share. It is great that Matt did so to share that people are not alone with what they are going through.

    Nancy ♥

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