Skincare Saviours

I’m not one of those people where winter dries out my skin, every single season dries out my skin! It’s a pain trying to get skincare products that work with my sensitive skin all year round. I’ve tried so many different brands and not a lot work for me. But (touch wood) I think I’ve finally found some products that work wonders for my horribly dry, sore and sensitive skin on my face.

new skincare

I decided to pick up a product from Revolution Skincare in the hopes that it would work for me. To be honest, I didn’t have high hopes because products sold in drugstores don’t seem to react well to my skin but I was pleasantly surprised! I bought the Hydration Boost lightweight gel. It really is lightweight on the skin and absorbs quickly. It costs £8 and I do need to repurchase soon. It’s never made my skin feel sore like most other moisturisers do and I tend to put this on after a bath or shower for it to soak into my skin. It feels really cool on the skin being a gel so when my face feels quite tight after a long day it is really relaxing. Revolution Skincare is definitely one to try if you suffer from any skin problems because their products are vegan as well as being fragrance-free, alcohol-free and free from gluten too! 100% need to try some more of their stuff.

hydration boost revohydration boost

My other absolute saviour to my skin at the moment is the Dermalogica Intensive Moisture Balance cream. If you didn’t know I am a Dermalogica Skinfluencer where I get kindly #gifted products to try and share with you all,  this was one of the products I was sent last year. I’ve been loving this ever since I started reaching for it a bit more in the winter. It’s a lot thicker than the Revolution gel but definitely hydrates your skin just as much and you don’t have to much put on. I’ve got a full-size tube (100ml) that I was gifted but this costs about £60, although smaller sizes are more affordable. I feel like this is probably the best moisturiser I’ve come across for my sensitive and dry skin in such a long time! I tend to apply this before bed and when I wake up, I’ve even got a little travel size tube my bed so I can never forget.

intensive moisture

Are there any other brands you recommend for dry skin? I have tried a few of Lush’s cleansing products which I get on quite well with but any other moisturisers?

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15 thoughts on “Skincare Saviours

  1. I love this Ellie, my skin occasionally gets dry in patches on my face, and will leave red patches! Not found anything as of yet that I’m in love with, so I might have to give some of your mentions a try!

    Catherine x

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  2. Thanks for sharing! I haven’t used either of these products, though I have had some success with Dermalogica. My favorite product by them is their Daily Microfoliant. I have mainly oily skin, but I get the most stubborn dry patches around my nose and chin.

    Jasmine |

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  3. Ouu, really want to try out dermalogica! I’ve heard quite a few people talk about it. Currently, I’ve been using the CeraVe moisturizing cream which has ceramides and hyaluronic acid. Would also recommend the Neutrogena Hydro Boost Gel Cream!

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  4. Love this! I have tried so so many skin care products and my favorite night time moisturizer is the Weleda Skin Food! They sell it on Amazon too which is a plus! It is super thick so they also have a Weleda Skin Food Light which is more of a lightweight moisturizer!


  5. Thank you for this! I am somewhat grateful that the climate in our country Philippines, is more predictable and we only have 2 seasons- making my routine easier. I love how you made a review of the products and I’m hoping that we have it here in our country! The Revolution Hydration Boost looks really promising! Looking forward to using it. Thanks for inspiring me 💕


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