Becoming Organised| Collab With Paige*

Today’s blog post is an attempt at me becoming productive & organised with blogging with the help from the lovely Paige from Paigebwrites. We decided to collab on blog posts and set each other a challenge to complete within a week. My challenge was to become more organised with my blogging and I set Paige the challenge of a 7-day photo challenge so go over to her blog to have a read and get some inspiration!

Me and Paige discussed what kind of things I wanted to work on in terms of my organisation towards my blog and from that she set me the challenge of making a bullet journal so I can keep on top of planning posts and organising when I’m going to post them. Actually writing stuff down and looking at a monthly & weekly spread is going to help me plan stuff out a bit more, rather than deciding what post I want to upload on my upload days!

I took to Pinterest for all of the bullet journal inspiration, if I was more artistic then mine would look a lot cuter! I decided to go with a week per 2 pages on a double spread so my week is easy to see what’s planned. Obviously, at the moment there isn’t a lot that I’ve got planned but it’ll be good for when life does go back to normal. On Wednesdays and Sundays, I’m going to start writing what posts I want to upload so I can work that around my schedule.


In terms of trying to make it look as pretty as possible, I’ve done a few little sketches here and there to fill up the empty space and I found an old colour guide from B&Q and cut out the colour swatches. I even stuck in an old Polaroid picture I had lying around and I love the look of it. You really don’t need to spend any money on making it look pretty, you can print things out or cut up an old magazine and add your own touch to it. It’s also handy that I had a few different types of pens to be able to add loads of colour to this! The actual notebook is a plain paged A5 but it’s best to get a line dotted page one as it works better and then all your lines and boxes are even! 

If you wanted to get a bit more technical and was after something extra, like graphics, designbundles has you covered. They do a whole range of different graphics like sun svg perfect for upcoming summer content for your journals as well as the cutest pineapples with pineapple svg. Although these are perfect for any online designs, you could create an online journal or even print them out at home to stick in! 

At the moment I am trying really hard to stick to this because it’s been boosting my productivity being able to write down ideas for blog posts and making notes of things I need to add to it. Do you struggle with being organised in terms of blogging? Let me know!

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6 thoughts on “Becoming Organised| Collab With Paige*

  1. Great collab idea! I use a bullet journal as my blog planner too and find it so helpful! I write everything down from all of my post ideas, a page for blog admin that needs doing and collabs and a monthly calendar page and it helps so much! Definitely try to stick to it if you can x


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  2. This is so cute and creative! Using those colour charts is such a great idea, the pastel purples and pinks are so pretty! I love your little doodles and the strawberry sticker too, so fun! I always love seeing bullet journal designs and this one is lovely! Thanks for sharing Ellie, cute post and collab ❤ xx

    Bexa |

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