Liquid Highlights I’m Loving

A little while ago, like in 2018, I spoke about some of the BarryM Liquid Highlighters and raved about how good they were for the price. They were super easy to use and the colour ranges were nice but over time makeup expires and goes off and I just never got round to repurchasing them.

To be honest, I rarely use liquid highlight anymore and just stick to powders which are a lot less messy and easy to apply. But a couple months ago I decided to start using makeup in my collection that I don’t use that often and discovered 2 new loves, and would you believe it they’re liquid highlighters!

elf & colourpopduo

The first one is the Colorpop Super Shockhighlight in the shade felicity and it’s a really pretty pinky shade with golden undertones. This one isn’t as such a liquid it is more of a cream but it goes on the same way a liquid one does where you do need to blend it out. It is quite thick so you don’t tend to need any highlighting powder over the top and for $8 you can’t go wrong. I did buy this in a haul I blogged, so if you want to check it out click here! I’ve also tried this out as a cream eyeshadow and it works wonders as an inner corner shade! Especially in the light, it looks gorgeous!

colorpop felicity

The Elf highlighter proclaims to be a Jelly Highlight. They cost £6, I got mine from Superdrug and they only do 3 shades. There isn’t a shade name on the product and I don’t remember which one I got but I assume it would’ve been the lightest one. The consistency is almost sticky but not quite which makes it really easy to blend in. It comes out almost like a champagne gold colour and it definitely isn’t too dark. When I’ve blended it out I tend to go over with a gold-toned highlighter for a little bit more vibrancy but because of the consistency, you can make it as bold or as subtle as you want!

elf jelly highlight

As you can see they are quite both similar shades but give off such different looks! Have you ever tried any sort of liquid highlighters? I wanna try more!

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8 thoughts on “Liquid Highlights I’m Loving

  1. These look so lovely on your skin tone, I feel like only golden ones suit me better hehe x



  2. I love the way liquid highlighters look on the back of my hand, but I can never get them to work on my face. I guess that’s something I could work on during isolation! These ones look beautiful.
    Take care Ellie, Kirsty (

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