Making Memories: Polaroid Style

If you know me then you’ll know I love photography. I love nature photography and I also really enjoy product photography for my blog. But what I love the most is just making memories with pictures. My favourite way to do that is with film-style cameras.

Quite a while ago, my Dad came home from work with a Polaroid camera that his friend had given to him for free. It was one of those proper old Polaroid cameras think chunky, old-looking with a handle on the side. It didn’t have any instructions with it and we had no idea if it worked, my Dad’s friend just knew I liked photography and gave it to him. Luckily it did say on the box which kind of film is used for it, specifically Polaroid 600 extreme film.

Polaroid 600

Considering the fact I didn’t have a clue if it worked or not I still went to Ebay and purchased some colour film for it. If you’re familiar with Polaroid-style cameras then you know that one pack of the film tends to equal to 8-10 shots and I paid £15.95 for the 8 shot packet. They also did a black & white version which would be awesome for a real vintage feel. The company I bought off actually sell cameras as well as they operate from a camera shop in the UK so they’re 100% worth checking out!


I hadn’t got any sort of clue how to even operate the camera (I didn’t even know there were batteries in the actual film pack that powers the flash) so it was just a point & shoot, hoping for good results. I actually love them! The one of my Lil dog Bonnie has an old fashioned film effect to it and one of some trees/branches feels the same. In terms of getting the lighting right, the picture of Bonnie looks a bit washed out because it was bright sunlight but one of the trees was in the shade so is a bit on the darker side. I probably will have a read up on different lighting scenarios to try and get a clearer picture! But on the whole, they look so cute. I’ve 6 more prints left in the camera so I’m going to take advantage of the nice weather and see what else I can get shots of!

Obviously, these old cameras are a little harder to get hold of these days and you’ve got the issue of whether they still work or if they’re affordable, but Instax by Fujifilm do a mini version for a modern twist on the Polaroid. They come in all sorts of cute pastel colours and I’ve got a light blue one I had for Christmas a couple years ago. They do all sorts of different pieces of equipment for really cute vintage film and they’ve now released the Instax mini 11, I have the number 8 version. The cameras cost around £60-£80 and film is around £10 for 10 shots, Amazon sometimes do deals if you buy more than 1 pack.


I tend to buy new film when I’ve got an event that I want to capture, usually Birthdays or if I’m going travelling. It’s also really easy to use, unlike the originals you’ve got different settings depending on what the lighting is like. There’s a bright sun setting for a really sunny setting, a cloud for shade and other ones- you get an instruction manual which explains all of this!

IMG_9648I have so many cute polaroids which are perfect for displaying in your room or sticking in your scrapbook! Do you have a Polaroid camera, let me know!

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24 thoughts on “Making Memories: Polaroid Style

  1. Polaroid photos are really cool! These would be great for adding to scrapbooks and journals and brightening up the pages. The mini Instax is super cute and I love that it comes in all sorts of pastel colours too, will have to check it out! Thanks for the inspiration, Ellie! ❤ xx

    Bexa |

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  2. I honestly love polaroid photos! I have my own Instax camera and just love using it so much. They are just so cute and create some lovely memories and don’t take up too much space either xx

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  3. Polaroids have such a timeless feel. They’re just so candid and have such a nostalgic romanticism to them. Thank you for sharing your rediscovery of such a beautiful item. 🙂

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  4. I always love polaroids, they feel so special! The older more traditional cameras especially. I’ve always wanted one but I’m slightly nervous I would end up wasting all of my film on rubbish photos! x


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  5. I have a Polaroid camera but I honestly don’t use it much at all. I might need to put that on my list of things to do this year though. Use it more and add photos to my bullet journal or on my boards.

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  6. Your pics are so nice! I have the same light blue instay mini, I bought it during one of my travels last year and I absolutely love it. Although it can be a pain carrying it around when backpacking (speaking of experience lol)! But the nice pics are worth it. I recently bought a polaroid album to store my pics in but I also kinda wanna display them. I had them hung up on fairy lights on my wall but got scared the colours would fade. So I’m currently trying to figure out how to display them and still make sure they last!
    All the best, Stefanie 📸

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  7. I love taking photographs on my Instax, I just wish that the films were a bit more affordable but I think the cost just makes the photographs all the more special! I love the way that they look and the nostalgic value of instant photography – it brings me back to when my parents had a Polaroid in the 90s!
    Take care Ellie, Kirsty (

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