10 Day Song Challenge

I’ve seen this all over Instagram at the moment whereby you take part in sharing a song for 30 days, each day you choose a different song depending on what the challenge is. I have been taking part in this on my personal Instagram but I wanted to do it here on my blog and only share 10! So enjoy seeing my varied music taste! There are loads of different versions but I decided to use this template.


A song you discovered this month: Mantra by Bring Me The Horizon (This is more of a rediscovery)

A song that always makes you smile: Foundations By Kate Nash

A song that makes you cry: Little Do You Know By Alex & Sierra

A song you know all the words to: crushcrushcrush By Paramore


A song that proves you have good taste: Blinding Lights By The Weeknd

A song title that is all in uppercase: HOLD ME TIGHT OR DON’T by Fall out Boy

A song with no words: Sandstorm By Darude

A song from a movie soundtrack: I Like me Better by Lauv from To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before

A song to drive to: Rabble Rouser by Enter Sikari

A song you’ve had stuck in your head: Any song from TikTok to be honest…

Music has been getting me through this lockdown so let me know if I mentioned any of your favourite songs!

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7 thoughts on “10 Day Song Challenge

  1. I love this idea! I saw a few people partaking in a 30 day challenge the other day and wanted to join too but I’m absolutely certain I’d forget about half way through so I think 10 days is nice. Foundations always makes me smile too x


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