The Diary Of Photography #4

Not long after I started my blog, in 2017 wow, I created a little photography series to document my photography adventures and all the pictures I really wanted to share on the internet. There were 3 parts to it before I ultimately gave up, but the original post is here to read. Back then I actually had time to blog and do photography so I combined them both, a blog post about my photography!

2 years later and I’m back with the fourth instalment, finally. Since being in lockdown I’ve had a lot of time to scope out new flowers blossoming in my garden and plenty of time to stake out the attic window to capture the sunset. So I’ve combined some of my favourite photos I’ve taken in the past month or so.

lens glare
Lens flares are the best, right?
japanese tree
Yes I went outside in the pouring rain for this shot!
pink bud
New flowers are starting to bloom and that makes me happy.
pylon views
I still need to experiment with my 75-300mm lens.
pink flower droplets
I love pink flowers and I love water droplets with my 50mm!
tree shillouette
Golden hour makes the perfect picture.
pink flowers
Supermoon skyline
This was 100% my favourite sunset!
blue sky mine
Can you tell I like moon pics?
Captured the supermoon which was meant to be pink…

Let me know if you’ve been making the most of your free time to spend it on photography!

Want to see more?  I Got My Nipples Piercedcropped-500-11.png

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