Hands up if you’ve ever felt insecure in your skin, most of us have at some point in our lives and that’s okay. I’ve always struggled with dry skin, especially eczema on the back of my neck and behind my ear. I’ve tried pretty much everything from over the counter creams to prescribed ointment. Nothing has ever been a longterm fix and that’s why I’ve learnt not to hate it about myself. Who cares if you’ve got a bit of dry skin?

#ThisIsMySkin is a campaign running on social media to help normalise eczema and psoriasis and empower people to love the skin they’re in. Our skin conditions don’t define us and that’s why skin experts, Cetraben have put together this campaign to make us feel comfortable in our own skin. 

As someone who’s tried pretty much everything on the market for eczema, the Cetraben Cream was one I’d not got my hands on. When they offered to send me it to try I was over the moon! The product came in the cutest the calm club care package with a whole host of items to practice self-care for personal empowerment.


In terms of the cream, it directs you to apply whenever necessary, at least 2 times a day, onto your dry areas. It absorbs super fast, doesn’t feel oily which I find a lot of other products do and it’s even vegan. For a 50ml it costs around £5 and it is available from most high-street drugstore so it’s easy to get a hold of. I’ve been applying it when I wake up, usually once or twice in the day when needed and then after I shower at night. It’s been doing wonders and soothes the areas that get really irritable. 

The care package that came with the product was the highlight of my week! The calm club are an Etsy store that specialises in creative self-care gifts & care packages including individual items and cute little boxes full of goodies. 

the clam clubcare package

Inside the box, there’s a whole host of different kind of items. There are 2 blueberry & mint teabags which sound delicious, 2 different essential oil room sprays which I’ve been spraying in my room before bed for a relaxing atmosphere and some Himalayan bath salts.Oil spraysbath salts

As well as the self-care products there’s also a pack of calming cards which are an anxiety relief pack of cards with different activities to do to try and reduce anxiety levels. I love this and find it’s such a good help for trying to take your mind of things that may make your anxiety heightened. There’s also meditation tips and visualization activities like the one in the picture! Calming cards

I think that Cetraben are doing an amazing job at trying to empower people to embrace their skin conditions and you should definitely jump on the #thisismyskin campaign on social media! You can also get 10% off your purchase of any of thecalmclubco products if you use the code CALM10, it’s nice to support local Etsy businesses! 

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