Abigail Neilson: Ruby

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If I told you I’d reviewed a song on my blog before then I’d be lying. I have dabbled in some music content like sharing Spotify playlists but actually reviewing a song is something I’ve never tried my hand in. I was approached by Abigail who is a singer from Seattle, country/pop-based, and was asked to review her new single Ruby which was released 8th May! Before we get into it, make sure you listen to Abigail’s new single on her Spotify!

The theme/idea/story around the song is the friendship between two sisters, something that I find quite unique with so much originality. Something a lot of people can connect with on a much deeper level.

“so hold onto that voice and hold your head up high”

Abigail as a really wonderful, soothing voice. Country vibes with a hint of pop beat here and there is what makes this song catchy & a feel-good tune. The type of music Abigail produces isn’t the kind of style I tend to listen to but I genuinely really like this song because you can tell she has so much passion for music and what she’s singing about considering she’s been performing and writing her own stuff since the age of 13!

A passionate, heart-felt song with a feel-good theme is what Ruby is and Abigail delivers nothing short of devotion to what she’s singing about.

You can check out Ruby as well as Abigail’s other material on iTunes and youtube. Go and give her a follow on her social media’s too: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram.

I guarantee you’ll be listening to more of her songs when you’ve read this!

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