Rise or Fall of the Online Dating Industry in 2020?*

As you may know, if you’ve been reading my blog for a while, I’m no stranger to online dating and i’ve written a few blog posts in the past about online dating, click here to read.

Some people find it really easy to find whatever it is they desire from dating apps but for some people it can be really hard. Full time workers, single parents and so many other people looking for love can struggle to find the time to go out and then coincidentally find the man of their dreams. However for other people that kind of thing is integrated into the culture of the life they live for example uni students.

One thing that stopped us all from looking for a hookup on a dating app or a relationship on dating webiste was Corona. It stopped us leaving the house, stopped us going to the clubs and ultimately cut us off from everyone except for our household. But the real question is have dating apps and websites fell off during the pandemic or have the amount of people using them risen significantly?

Stats & Figures

Since I don’t have any sort of access to records/stats from any dating sites, I had a read through some interviews and news articles and something that really stuck out to me was the following quote from an article on observer with Tinder’s CEO.

“On Sunday, March 29, Tinder recorded more than three billion “swipes” on the platform, the highest single-day activity volume in the app’s history.” Observer, 2020

Observer, 2020

If that doesn’t show you the loneliness of the world during the pandemic looking for something, I don’t know what does. Over the first lockdown and into the second lockdown loads of different dating sites have endured changes to cope with the public’s habits in terms of dating due to the pandemic. The introduction of video chat within 1-to-1 chats is a lot more prominent now because of the fact it’s harder to meet up with people in person with national as well as local lockdown measures.

Catering for the Older Generation

Of course most dating apps and sites are pretty much exclusive to Gen-Z having more knowledge and access to technology and an online presence whereas the older generation might not be very handy with a smartphone. However, Kent dating site has the over 60’s community of Kent covered in looking for love. With accessible matches, local events to meet your matches and being super safe, it’s the perfect website for over 60’s to socialise and maybe even meet someone special. With a lot of the older generation living alone dating agency kent is perfect for someone to look for a companionship during a pandemic when times can get lonely.

My Thoughts

For me personally, I found to be using them a bit more than I would’ve normally because of boredom. If I got bored of playing Animal Crossing or baking brownies I’d be straight on my dating apps swiping for the fun of it- I definitely wasn’t taking it seriously at that point and I feel the conversations I had with guys on there were a boredom buster as well. I did ask on Twitter if people thought whether the pandemic has a positive or negative affect on dating websites and surprisingly around 73% said it had a negative affect! What do you think?

*This post is sponsored but  all opinions are my own and are in no way biased*

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