Online Dating- An Interview With My Best Friend*

Following on from my most recent blog post discussing my thoughts on the online dating industry during a worldwide pandemic (you can read it here) I thought I’d get a difference in opinion and interview my best friend Simone and her thoughts about online dating whilst we’re in a pandemic.

First of all, what’s your initial thoughts about online dating?

I never expected to find anything really long term or meaningful due to all the stories of hook ups you hear.

Do you think the pandemic has had a positive or negative impact on this industry and why?

A bit of both. I think it’s been good because people have had more time to talk and have had to be more inventive for dates, such as video dates. But I also think people have fallen into the trap of just talking to people to have company during isolating periods and then when it comes to actually meeting it falls through.

Favourite thing about online dating?

Being able to speak to people I never would have even met if it wasn’t for online dating.

Least favourite thing about online dating?

It exposes you to some nasty people who say things they’d never say in person. There’s a lot of casual racism, sexism, homophobia on online dating apps from my own experience and from my friends’ experiences too.

What do you think of location specific dating apps?

I think location based apps are good because they make everything more realistic, most people aren’t going to bother to get to know people that live really far away unless it’s for friendship. However that being said when you live in a small town or city it really limits your options and makes you realise how everyone you’re interested in has either hooked up with or dated people you know.

Me and Simone have a lot of experience with online dating as well as a difference in opinions, don’t forget to check out all her links by clicking here.

In terms of location specific dating sites for me, I think they are a really good idea if you’re after something locally if you know you can’t travel far or don’t want to commit to distance. Dating agency Lancashire is a dating website for the senior people of Lancashire. It’s free and easy to sign up allowing you to meet other local single people over 60 to form romance or just friendship! Life can get pretty lonely especially for the older generation. They give safety tips to make sure you’re staying safe when dabbling in the online dating world. So if you’re over 60 and looking for love or know someone who is then hop on the Lancashire dating site!

No matter whether we’re in a pandemic or not, it goes without saying if you are present within online dating always take steps to protect yourself and ensure your own safety if and when you do meet up in person with people! The BBC have put together a little video on tips for dating during a pandemic, watch it here

I’d love to know all your thoughts on how this pandemic has affected your online dating experiences, so let me know in the comments below!

*This post is sponsored but  all opinions are my own and are in no way biased*


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8 thoughts on “Online Dating- An Interview With My Best Friend*

  1. I agree that the lockdowns are positive and negative, people have more time to talk but also I spoke to some people who would complain how bored they were which is not a good impression to give as it makes you think they’re only talking to you because they’re bored not because they want to x

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  2. I’m indifferent to online dating considering I’ve never really ‘dated’ anyone before! I appreciate that a lot of people find good matches online, but I find I’m more old fashioned and like the idea of meeting someone in person. I definitely don’t think that online dating will thrive in this pandemic, but you never know! x

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  3. Your friend made a good point that people will say things on online dating that they wouldn’t normally say to your face. I’ve only met 2 people from OLD this year due to the pandemic and I admit the quarantine has made me feel super comfortable at home! Once the situation calms down I’ll need to keep putting myself out there more.

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