How I’ve Saved Money in January

Being on and off furlough isn’t great for my bank balance however I know I am lucky that I still have a job during the pandemic and that I am able to earn my usual salary on the weeks i’m required to go into work. I just thought that because i’m not earning as much as I would be, i’d give myself the motivation to make some changes to save a bit more money! I actually save a blog post which inspired me to start implanting these changes by Charlotte and I’ve linked it below!

Switching my phone contract

I’ve had my Iphone XR for just under 2 years now on a phone plan and as much as I really want to upgrade to the new Iphone 12, there’s no need. My phone works fine and just last week I switched over to Vodafone sim only plan for £20 where I get 60GB more data and unlimted calls & texts- saving myself £34 a month. I find that sim only plans always work out cheaper so if you already have a phone that works, I don’t see the point in upgrading. You don’t always have to have the newest tech. And in the long run this will end up saving you a lot of money!

Cut out unnecessary buying

I am the worst for impulsive buying, for god sake I impulse bought a new Nintendo Switch. It’s partly down to the serotonin release of online shopping and feeling the need to waste my money. However, this shall go on no longer. I’ve got two wardrobes full of clothes so i’m banning myself from buying any new clothing items. I also have over sixty pairs of boots, sandals and trainers so I can definitely say I don’t need any new pairs. In reality there’s nothing new I need whatsoever. The only spending i’ll be doing this January is buying food, birthday gifts and spending my Christmas money.

*Okay this didn’t go to plan and I’ve spent a little bit of money on clothes and bought new shoes…*

A good trick i’ve learnt over the past few days is when you feel like you want to buy something online, or you see something you like, add it to your cart and leave it until the next day. You’ll more than likely find that you won’t want it the next day and thus will have saved you more money.

Stop signing up for marketing emails

Charlotte mentioned in her blog post to start unsubscribing from company emails and this is such a good idea and something I started actioning a couple months ago.

I’m sure i’ve signed up to thousands of mailing services, whether by accident or not opting out. Yeah sure those “50% off sale today only” emails are enticing but it’s just the companies strategy for pulling you in and rinsing your pockets. So many websites send so many emails as well it just clogs up your inbox. I do think this is 100% worth doing as it stops putting that thought in your mind that you need to cash in on the latest new styles from Urban Outfitters. There are a few companies I didn’t unsubscribe from like ASOS and Boots as I find they send useful emails and don’t clog up my inbox!

Wishlists/Saved Items

Most websites allow you to save & favourite items so you’re able to come back to them at a later date! I’ve found this to be such a good money saving tool because when I want to buy something i’ll save it to my wishlist and then when it comes to my birthday i’ll link it to my friends and family so they know what to get me. For the longest time i’ll buy myself stuff as and when i want it meaning when it comes to birthdays and Christmas I never have anything to ask for, so this way you’re saving yourself money and givng your family and friends presents you actually want! If you want some inspo for your wishlists check out mine on Amazon.

Saving money is really vital at a younger age, and something I wish I’d started doing way before I turned 21. If you have any other tips on how I can save, let me know below!

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29 thoughts on “How I’ve Saved Money in January

  1. 60 pairs of boots is a a lot. My question is, why 60 pairs? Does this stuff bring you comfort? There must have been a reason for buying them in the first place. Same goes with clothes. I encourage you to try and uncover your unconscious motives. Personally, I own one pair of boots, one pair of shoes I like, and one pair of sandals.

    If you are able to stop shopping online, I recommend doing that. Don’t link your credit card to your Amazon account. Imagine how much money you could save if you tried the No Spend Challenge even for a week or two. 🙌

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      1. They say it takes 21 days before a habit really becomes a habit 🤔

        You could try holding yourself accountable by challenging a friend to see who has the most No Spend Days during the month of February.

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  2. I loved this post! I’ve been limiting my spending on unnecessary things since practically the start of the pandemic (I’ve also been on furlough) and it’s allowed me to save so much. You’ve shared some great points x

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  3. It has been hard for me because I’m half self employed and half employed so I don’t get my full normal wage so it’s hard for me to save but I’m definitely trying not to buy things that are unnecessary! X

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  4. This is a great post Ellie. I’m looking to save money at the moment as I’ve just used my savings to buy a house! I’ve definitely started to cut out unnecessary buying like takeaways and clothes I don’t need. I love the idea of unsubscribing from marketing emails too- thanks for the tip!

    Eve x

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  5. I sign up for way too many marketing emails and then never bother to read them. In my mind I am being supportive of the blogger behind the emails but, if I am being honest with myself, it is better to unsubscribe and let the marketer cultivate an active list unpopulated by people like me.

    Phone plans can be unnecessarily expensive. I love that you stopped yourself buying the new phone!
    Thanks for sharing these awesome tips; best of luck sticking to your plan. 🙂

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  6. The phone contract switch was a good move. I think this can apply to many things, like insurance, for example. If another provider offers better service for less, then why not. Also, good luck with the no shoes and clothes shopping! But with the size of the wardrobe that you mentioned, I believe you will succeed. Maybe you can take time to rediscover the many things you own and enjoy them again. No need to buy more.

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  7. I love that these are all super simple but doable ways to save money, thanks for sharing! I think with us all being in lockdown, we’re saving money from not being able to go shopping or out for dinner which sucks right now but in the long run, I guess our bank accounts will thank us for it!

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  8. These are such handy tips! I’ve managed to save a lot the past few months by cutting out all the unnecessary items I used to buy and thinking whether I really need it.

    Tash – A Girl with a View

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  9. This advice is so helpful! I’ve been trying to cut back on spending as well and I found that saving the item for later and coming back to it the next day has helped me a lot too! Thanks for sharing this!

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  10. I’ve got an amazon wishlist and I find it super useful for saving money!
    Whenever I want to buy something I put it on my wishlist and leave it there until payday / I get some blog income. Sometimes when I go back I’ve completely changed my mind but it also means that I ‘reward’ myself and get that serotonin lift when I’ve earnt some money pushing me to try and earn more

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