SmartPhone Cleaning with Smart Screen

*AD- Gifted*

We’ve all pretty much been accustomed to sanitising our hands a lot more frequently for over a year now (crazy, right?) but do you ever actually sanitise your phone? How many times do you put your phone down on surfaces and never sanitise is afterwards? I’m guilty of this but with SmartScreen, sanitisation for your phone is at your fingertips.


Claiming to kill 99.9% of bacteria, the SmartScreen is the worlds first antibacterial cloth dedicated to cleaning your smartphone. Coming in 6 different colours to fit your aesthetic and costing £9.95. It also lasts up to 15 washes so it’s ethical and long-lasting, versatile too because you can use it on laptops, Tablets & reading glasses- not just your mobile phone. Perfect for the go and at home, it’s the product you didn’t know you needed.


In terms of the practicality of this, the actual cloth in enclosed and tucked away inside a little pouch. I was kindly gifted it in the gorgeous powder blue colour but you can also get your hands on the likes of a bright yellow to add some colour or even a dark grey or navy. Once you’ve pulled out the cloth there’s no chance of you losing it because it’s actually attached inside the pouch with some sleek design. Once you’re done sanistisng, fold it up and slide it back in. Easy and fuss free.

My Thoughts

I know that I’m really bad at being aware of sanitising my phone- it’s not natural to me and I need to start doing it more often which I 100% will now with my SmartScreen. It’s small enough to fit in my pocket, my work bag or even in the side of my car door and because the cloth has antibacterial properties there’s no mess with any sort of antibac spray, just one quick wipe and you’re sorted. Although the pouch does seem small it doesn’t hinder the size of the microfibre cloth, it’s actually really big which is why it’d also be good to use on your tablet.

This is such a good companion for the pandemic, it’s budget friendly under £10 and a lot more ethical and environmentally friendly with it being a one use + product. These would also make the perfect gift for a birthday or if you were putting together a lockdown gift box for someone!

Don’t forget to check out SmartScreen’s website and they’re on Instagram and Facebook too!

*Items featured in this blog post were kindly gifted from SmartScreen, however all opinions are my own and are in no way biased*

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15 thoughts on “SmartPhone Cleaning with Smart Screen

  1. As a lover of cleanliness( is this even a right thing to say lol!) I found this very satisfactory! Definitely would consider buying it soon! Thank you Ellie xx Penny /

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