At Home Spa Night

With Covid-19 closing all beauty salons and spas there’s a 0% chance of having a spa day/night anytime soon. So that’s why at Christmas I bought my Mom one of those bubbly foot spas* that heat up the water and you can put your feet in and relax. It’s definitely gone down a treat.

A week or so again I was doing an online shop with Boots and came across a few foot care products in Boots’ own range all under £5. I ended up buying the foot cream as well as the soothing foot bath which you pour into the foot spa making the water smell nice and feeling smooth on your feet. They also do a foot spray which I didn’t get because I didn’t think I needed it but I think I might need to purchase that too!

The actual scent of the foot cream is mint, lavender and marshmallow- an interesting mix but works so well. The calmness of lavender goes really well with the sweetness of the marshmallow scent and then the refreshing mint scent adds a bit extra. The foot bath scent includes witch hazel, calendula and mint again. The cream and the foot bath do smell quite similar and are very pleasant smells.

You only need the slightest amount of the foot bath in the foot spa because we almost flooded the living room with bubbles- so only drop a tiny bit in! After i’d soaked my feet in the water for 5/10 minutes I massaged the cream onto my feet and over the heels and finished it off with a pair of fluffy socks to keep in the moisture. You could add some candles to the room, a soft playlist and even a glass of wine for a proper spa experience!

My feet felt amazing all night after i’d pampered them. The mint in the 2 products left my feet feeling really refreshed and the combination of all ingredients made my feet feel super soft for the longest time. I’ve used quite a lot of different foot care products that i’ve been gifted or bought and it’s safe to say these are at the top of the list for making my feet feel the smoothest!

What are your go to foot care products? I’d love to try out some more.

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17 thoughts on “At Home Spa Night

  1. Thank you for sharing this post! I think feet get really neglected when it comes to spa nights. Every grabs the face masks, takes a bubble bath and maybe even uses lotion. These look really good, and don’t cost the earth. Thank you for this post, I’m adding them into my next self-care night 🙂

    Em | x

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  2. I’ve got a foot spa but have genuinely never thought to put any products in it. I’m definitely going to get myself the Foot Bath product and good to know that a little goes a long way

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  3. This sounds so relaxing and like a lovely way to spend an evening. I’ll have to keep my eyes out for those products in Boots.

    Tash – A Girl with a View


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