20 dreams: a card game based on emotions

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Poker, Uno, Blackjack and Happy Families are amongst the typical games you’d name if you were asked what card games you’ve ever played in your life. But have you ever played a game where you have to make up a dream based off specific emotions and scenarios you’re given? I bet you haven’t.

20 Dreams is the perfect card game for friends and family, funded by a Kickstarter project in 2020! From 2 to 6 players or more if you play in teams, you could have hours of fun.

What is 20 Dreams?

20 Dreams is a card game with a 200 card deck. The idea of the game is to stimulate the right side of the brain which focuses on emotional intelligence and creativity, unlike a lot of games on the market. The pop-art design of the packaging and the cards gives you that creativity that comes along with the game. Using your creativity you’ll make up a dream based off prompts from the cards and get the other players to guess what your emotion of the dream is. The aim is to explain your dream and emotion as best as you can so for everyone who guesses correct you get a point!

Storytelling card game.

How to Play?

Read the instructions before you play, and get the rest of your players to read! The game is a little harder to understand and get your head around because it’s a bit more of a mentally stimulating game than the likes of a round of Blackjack, but that makes it more beneficial to you. Once I had read the instructions though it makes a lot more sense because there’s so many different coloured cards.

Dream cards (picture cards) are coloured black and have one image on each in a pop-art style. These are the story prompts of the premise of your dream you’re going to make up. You have to pick 3 of these to have a storyline to your dream, better get your thinking caps on when you have 3 images that don’t relate to each other whatsoever!

An example of the picture cards!

White question mark cards are the cards you pick for your emotion when you’re the dream-teller, which is what everyone else is guessing. There’s include things like feeling happiness, guilty or anxious. There’s a good mix to guess from and after each round you do have to put that emotion in the penalty box so it’s not used again.

Angry is an emotion on one of the cards.

Coloured emotion cards are for each player or each different team, there’s 6 different colours so you can have 6 individual players or 6teams if there were a lot of you playing. All the emotions in the packs are the same as the white question mark cards.

As you can see 2 of the coloured cards with the emotions on.

So when you’re the dream-teller you pick 3 picture cards and a white emotion card to have your story and your emotion. Your aim is to telling a dream and incorporate the emotion into it so that the rest of the players guess what emotion you’re portraying. It takes a lot of brain power and thats what makes it fun! Once you’ve told your dream, each player has to guess what emotion it is you had by looking through their coloured cards to guess. You get points for each player that guessed your emotion correctly.

My Thoughts/Top Tips

What a fun little game! I played this with my Mom and Dad which was nice just the 3 of us but I know it’d also be super fun to play with my friends when the pandemic allows it! I love that it’s different to any other game I’ve played and I love the packaging and the design of it! Like I said, read the rules and gameplay instructions, it’ll make it easier when you’re playing. And use the box that cards come in as the penalty box!

You can purchase the game here, with free shipping and have a look at their social media: Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Have you ever played this game or would you find this fun? Let me know!

*Items featured in this blog post were kindly gifted from 20 Dreams Game, however all opinions are my own and are in no way biased*

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5 thoughts on “20 dreams: a card game based on emotions

  1. I read a blog post on this game just yesterday and it sounded interesting but I was slightly confused how you actually played! This makes a lot more sense now I’ve read about the different cards. I think I’d love to play with friends after lockdown to reconnect!

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