The Perfect Mother’s Day Pamper Evening

*AD- Gifted*

For my family, Mother’s Day has been celebrated the same way every single year. Presents in the morning and then a nice Sunday roast. The problem is we have a roast dinner every Sunday so it never feels like a special day. That’s why this year I’ve deiced to have a really nice, relaxing pamper evening with my Mom- she deserves it. So in this blog post i’ve put together a list of essentials to make your Mom feel like she’s in a spa!

Say it with Champers, *AD-Gifted*

The first thing you’re going to need is a beverage or two. I think the perfect drink for a pamper evening has to be Champagne! Say It With Champers are a Champagne and Prosecco company which specialise in personalised labels for all your fancy alcohol needs. They do labels for Birthdays, Baby showers, Congratulations, Mother’s Day and so many more. You can pick from different label designs with your own customisation, some designs even allow you to add a photo, and you can pick which Champagne you’d like. Get the Champagne flowing for a fun, relaxing evening! If you don’t drink alcohol a lovely mocktail would gone down just as well.

Candles or Wax Melts

I feel like to set a calm atmosphere you need to have a candle on the go, your Mum’s favourite wax melts burning or a subtle reed diffuser scent. My Mom actually really likes wax melts ever since my brother’s girlfriend introduced her to them and we’ve got a variety of snap bars and pots in different scents! So pick out the perfect scent and unwind!

A Good moisturiser

One of my all time favourite moisturisers has to be The Body shops body butters, although the body yoghurts are good too! My Mom loves these too and I gift her at least one scent a year, they really are the perfect gift. We also both got gifted the Dove Silky body cream for Christmas which is more of a thinner consistency but still just as good. These are good to use on your feet to give them some moisture, after all Mum’s are on their feet all the time! Finish this off with a pair of fluffy or cotton socks to help absorb the cream!

Dove Silky Body Cream (Left) The Body Shop Body Butter (Right)

Lots of Bubbles

Whether you decide to run a bath or use a foot spa, however you like to indulge, bubbles are a must! If you’re Mum has a bath then make sure a creamy bubble bath is available or if you’re both using a foot spa make sure you’ve got some sort of soak in there, I recommend the Boots own branded one which I wrote about in a review here. A Lush bath bomb or bubble bar are also really good shouts!

Bomb Cosmetics Frog Bath Bomb

Face Masks are a Must

Face masks are a must when it comes to a pamper evening, don’t forget your cucumber slices too! There are so many different kinds available for different skin types and in loads of different scents so you’ll be able to find the perfect one. I love the Soap & Glory eye patches, dedicated to brightening under your eyes. You leave them on for around 15 minutes and your under eyes feel so smooth! Whether you’re a fan of detoxing masks, full-face masks or a clay mask, they’re a must have!

That’s all of the essential items you need for the perfect pamper night to make your Mum feel love! Let me know your plans for Mother’s Day below!

*Items featured in this blog post were kindly gifted from Say It With Champers, however all opinions are my own and are in no way biased*

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16 thoughts on “The Perfect Mother’s Day Pamper Evening

  1. This sounds like such a fun and relaxing mother’s day, I hope you and your family had a nice day!! That bath bomb is so cute too! Thanks for sharing this!


  2. These are some brilliant ideas! I treated my mum to some new plants and bushes for the garden (we both love gardening) and she is so excited to watch them grow! Candles are always a great idea too x

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