The Blue Light Glasses You Need with trendhim

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Do you feel like you spend too much time staring into your phone screen? Do you spend all day with your eyes glued to your laptop? If this is you, have you ever considered blue-light glasses?

If I’m not writing blog posts on my laptop I’m either playing Animal Crossing on my Switch or scrolling through TikTok on my phone- all of which involve digital screens in close proximity. There’s no harm in a bit of screen-time everyday but too much can cause damage. Digital screens emit blue light rays so blue-light glasses (or blue-light blocking lenses) help filter out that blue light from reaching your eyes. According to Specsavers UK, there isn’t any scientific evidence to prove that this blue-light can damage your eyes but they are useful for helping eyestrain and allowing you to concentrate on digital screens more easily.

The Brand

I was recently contacted by Trendhim to review a pair of their clear lens glasses which happen to be blue-light blockers! I thought I’d try them and see how I got on with them. The brand themselves are a men’s accessory and jewellery e-store based in Denmark. They sell the perfect gifts from bracelets, scarves, wallets and so much more.

The Glasses

The glasses I was gifted were the tortoise shell vista clear lens glasses, a gorgeous square-type shaped frame with a lovely brown tortoise shell design. At full price these cost £35 but are currently on sale with 50% off! As well as the lenses being blue-light blockers they’re also 100% UV protection and are really lightweight. They came packaged in a black pouch inside of a black box which you could use as a case for them, or if they were a gift then they’d be nicely packaged already. Although the website is aimed at men and these would be the perfect gift for your Boyfriend, Dad or Husband they sit pretty well on my face. They’re a unisex design and would suit any gender.

My Thoughts

As you’ve gathered, I love the style and design of these glasses. But how do I feel about the blue-light blockers? Well the lenses have a slight orange tint which is how the blue-light gets filtered, it balances the different kind of light entering your eyes and so the lens acts as a barrier for it. For my test to see if I’ve noticed a difference I spent the day playing Animal Crossing mounted to the TV as well as writing this blog post and doing some other admin bits on my laptop so it’s been a day of screens.

My eyes feel a lot less strained, which is amazing! Normally my eyes will feel really tired and I’ll probably be on the road to having a headache when my whole day revolves around screens but that’s not how I feel at all. They do genuinely feel like they’ve made a difference, my eyes feel like they can concentrate on the screen for a lot longer. Whether or not it’s preventing any future damage to my eyes, I don’t know, but in the short-term at least my eyes feel the benefits of these blue-light blocking lenses.

Whether you’re after clear lens blue-light glasses or if you think these would be the perfect gift for a family member, check out what else Trendhim has to offer! Clear-lens glasses have been popular for quite some time and it’s even better that they’re fitted with the blockers!

*Items featured in this blog post were kindly gifted from TrendHim, however all opinions are my own and are in no way biased*

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3 thoughts on “The Blue Light Glasses You Need with trendhim

  1. I absolutely love blue light glasses! I have a pair myself and I found they helped so much with my headaches, straining of my eyes and at the end of the day my eyes didn’t feel as tired. Great post!x

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  2. They sound great! I definitely notice my eyes get strained after a full day on my laptop/ watching TV. I have thought about blue light glasses before but you’ve just reminded me I need to place an order! x

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I remember purchasing blue light glasses right at the beginning of the first lockdown and I love them! I wear them whilst working, blogging, playing games and watching TV sometimes. I love the look of these ones though! ☺️

    Liked by 1 person

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