I’m Feelin 22′

Happy Birthday to me… sort of! (This is really funny because I’ve just gone back to previous birthday blog posts and I started one of them with the exact same sentence unintentionally, I’m too predictable) My 22nd birthday is tomorrow, April fools day, but I can’t say I’m overexcited. Last year I celebrated my 21st birthday in the strictest lockdown and it sucked. I’d had a whole week planned of birthday celebrations cause’ you only turn 21 once and it all went down the drain and so I definitely didn’t bother making any sort of plans for this years anniversary of my birth. Instead I decided to put together the worlds most not put together blog post to celebrate me turning 22.

Previous birthday blogs

In the past I’ve done about 2 or 3 birthday present hauls but they’re no longer on my blog so I’m not left with much content to share. I wasn’t consistently blogging last year so I didn’t blog about my very boring 21st birthday but I did do a few posts to celebrate my 20th back in 2019! I wrote about 20 things I’ve learnt in 20 years to showcase all of life’s vital lessons I’ve learned, I know I’d have a lot to add now. The same year I also blogged about my 20th birthday celebrations, weirdly the last time I properly celebrated my birthday!

The Birthday Tag

Considering I couldn’t decide what blog post to do for my birthday post this year I searched through google to see if I could find a birthday tag style of post and I came across one on a blog here and the original tag came from a Youtube Tags page! *I have changed the order and missed out some questions*

1.) When is your birthday? My Birthday is April fools day, 1st April and surprisingly not many of my friends have pulled april fools day pranks, luckily!

2.) How old are you turning? I’m turning 22!

3.) What’s the best present you’ve ever received? This is a tricky one because I’ve had so many gifts over the 22 years and of course I’m so grateful but I think my favourite present has to have been my Canon 700d DSLR camera I got for my 18th birthday!

4.) How do you usually celebrate your birthday? This is so dependant on age as over the years the way I’ve celebrated has changed massively. When I was younger it was Wacky Warehouse parties and then it was having a mini house party with buffet style food and some friends and then it moved onto having a meal out and then it would’ve been going out to nightclubs!

5.) What was the most memorable birthday you had? To be honest, none of my birthdays really stand out cause’ I have bad memory although something that stands out a lot to me because it was funny was for my 15th or 16th birthday my best friend at the time bought me a life-size cardboard cutout of Brad from The Vamps as they were my favourite band at the time and it was just the best!

6.) Have you ever been thrown a surprise party? Nope, never have! I do really wish I had though.

7.) What is your favourite part about your birthday? 100% the effort my Mom goes to making sure I have the best day. She always makes sure the house is decorated with banners and balloons and I adore that.

8.) What’s your birthday wishlist? Firstly I just want to say I miss flicking through the Argos catalogue and circling the things I’d want for my birthday and writing cute, colourful birthday lists! I guess it’s just easier to send links to your parents.

Anyway, there wasn’t really anything I desired this year so I just sent my Mom some bits that I would’ve otherwise bought for myself like extra Polaroid prints, a joycon contorl holder for my switch and a mini Build-A-Bear frog!

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8 thoughts on “I’m Feelin 22′

  1. Happy birthday for tomorrow! Sorry that the situation hasn’t improved much since the last one and doubly sorry you didn’t get to celebrate your 21st. To be honest, the comment about not remembering the best birthdays really made me laugh because my memory is also shocking for that kinda thing and I’m not even sure if I can remember 21? It’s one of my best friends birthdays 3 days after mine and I seem to remember hers a lot more. I hope you manage to have the best day still x

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