Lockdown Safe Activities: Treasure hunt birmingham


I know that we’re not in a nationwide lockdown anymore but with non-essential retail still shut along with pubs and restaurants, there’s still somewhat of a lockdown and various rules we have to adhere to. However, since 29th March we have been allowed to gather outside with up to 5 other people meaning picnic with friends is given the green light.

Besides going for a picnic or visiting your local outdoor mini-golf course, we’re not really spoilt for choice with what you can do with your friends. A while ago I was contacted by a company called Treasure Hunt Birmingham to review their walking tour/hunt of Birmingham and it sounded like the perfect lockdown activity.

What is Treasure Hunt Birmingham?

Treasure hunt Birmingham is a self-guided tour of Birmingham in which you have to follow maps, riddles and clues that take you on a unique tour of the city. The whole idea of it is that you get to see areas of Birmingham that you might not usually see, and you also get given a few facts about the history of certain areas. Prices start from £9.99 per person and you can share the link with whoever you’re on the hunt with- currently with pandemic restrictions you can only have a maximum of 6 players. If I’ve not explained it well, or you’re still confused you can have a little read on their website here.

How did We do?

So I did the hunt with my best friend Simone and we had the best day. I hadn’t seen her in ages and we ended up going on a day where the weather felt like Summer. This did mean that there were a lot more people about but that’s expected! I’ll admit that Simone was a lot more knowledgable on the clues than I was and I probably would’ve got lost without her. There were some clues that we just couldn’t get, luckily you can ask for hints, but even then we still struggled. On some of the maps we’d gone too far up the road or we just couldn’t see where we needed to go but I think that adds to the fun. Overall we scored 24/55 which I don’t think is too bad.

Safety Precautions

There’s a few things to mention here which I think are important:

  • Wear comfy shoes, there’s a lot of walking uphill and downhill and along the canal so comfortable shoes is a must!
  • Take a portable charger. I didn’t take one with me, because I couldn’t find it, but because you’re using your phone constantly for the maps and the clues, your battery is going to drain fast especially when you’re using your mobile data. Luckily our phones didn’t die but it just meant the journey home my battery was quite low.
  • Take refreshments. You’re more than welcome to stop off at takeaway cafes along the way but we didn’t actually see many. There were a lot of pubs and restaurants which obviously weren’t open so make sure you have a few snacks and a drink or two!
  • Check the weather beforehand. If you know it’s going to be colder wrap up warm or take extra layers and if you know it’s going to be warmer wear removable layers. It’s probably also wise to pack an umbrella because the British weather is super unpredictable.

Would I recommend?

100% I’d recommend. I’m not the biggest fan of walking much but even though this takes around 2hours to complete I didn’t complain once. It’s nice to get out, see your friends and see more of the city than you would normally do. There were a lot of areas that the tour takes you to that I didn’t realise was in walking distance and all the facts and history you learn were really interesting, my friend Simone goes to uni in Birmingham and she said we went to places she has never seen!

I think that this tour would’ve been made better if pubs and restaurants were open. There was so many nice little pubs and gin houses along the canal that we’d have loved to stop off at for a drink and some food but you will be allowed to do this from May 17th (if all stays on track).

What’s great about the tour is that they don’t just do it in Birmingham, they have treasure hunts in Manchester, Liverpool, Bath, Oxford and a few more cities! If you do find yourself interested in this fun experience you can get 10% off your booking if you use the code DIARY-ELLIE-3YJ.

*This experience was kindly gifted from TreasurehuntBimringham, however all opinions are my own and are in no way biased*

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One thought on “Lockdown Safe Activities: Treasure hunt birmingham

  1. This sounds like so much fun! I’ll have to keep my eye out for something like this closer to home, it’s such a different way to spend the day. Glad you enjoyed yourself! x


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