Spooky Season!

Today, to me, marks the first official day of spooky season! Autumn did start just over a week ago but now it’s October we can now start to celebrate spooky season. So in light of this, I thought I’d compile a list a few wonderful things that October has to bring that 100% gets all in the spooky season.

1.) Cooler days & nights:

Autumn has the biggest cosy vibes ever. I much prefer dressing for the colder weather because I have an abundance of jumpers and fluffy socks and I love when I finally get to dig out my winter coat! I also love the fact it’s a lot colder at night so you can turn on your electric blanket, wear your fluffy pyjamas and even get the luxury of cuddles with your partner at night not being too hot and sweaty.

2.) Candles:

Autumnal candles are the best, but you just can’t beat a few candles at night in autumn. You can light a few around the house and buy yourself a nice new scent like spice apple, maple syrup and the famous pumpkin spiced. Or you could even get out your wax burner and light up a fiery melt. I don’t actually own many candles, let alone autumnal scents, but as the nights get darker it is super relaxing lighting a few tea lights around the house.

3.) Almost bonfire night:

Although bonfire night doesn’t quite fit into October, we still have to class it as spooky season. Wrapping up in your woolies, scarf and hat to go and watch a firework display is one of the best things in Autumn. I’ve not been to a bonfire in a few years and since covid stripped my chances last year, I will be making the most of it this year! I can’t wait to get my sparklers out.

4.) Spooky decor:

I’m a sucker for good homeware and luckily it’s time to bring out the halloween decorations! I have a few halloween style decorations I keep out all year round but recently decided to invest in new spooky decor. I got a little witchy cat halloween mug from Starbucks and it’s the cutest thing ever. I bought it off Ebay for about £15 (I couldn’t find it any local stores) and it comes with a long handle spoon and the cat has an orange witches hat on to keep your hot drink warm! I also bought a witch mouse figure from Tkmaxx a while back and she’s gonna be staying out all year round!

Cutest little find in Tkmaxx

5.) Spooky movies

Scary movies are always a good shout this time of year. Friday The 13th, The Shining, BeetleJuice and Coraline are all good contenders but if you aren’t sure what spooky movie to put on that will have you up at night, RottenTomatoes has a list of 200 of the best horror movies you’re not stuck for choice!

What are your favourite things about spooky season? Let me know below!

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2 thoughts on “Spooky Season!

  1. It truly is the most wonderful season. Its cosy , its spooky & it’s fun for all the family!
    I love your post, beetlejuice is a family favourite of ours too


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